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Research On Patterns Of Online Consumer Behavior

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In an analysis of the consumer behavior online, with focus group as young adults aged between eighteen and thirty-four interested in buying a mobile phone or a related product ,Petrovic Dejan explained that the most relevant behavioral characteristics of online consumers and examine several ways they find, evaluate and compare product’s information. Comparison of the freshly collected surveyed data with the present existing consumer behavior theory resulted in number of issues related to a specific consumer group. The motive of this report is to translate these findings into a set of implementation activities on strategic and technological level and the execution of these recommendations will result in better conversion of visitors into customers and encourage customer loyalty and referrals.

One other study done by Shun & Yunjie in 2006 showed that their re certain product types like , books,soft wares , electronics and music are more likely to be sold online because one does not not require personal inspection purchasing these types of products; and almost all the product descriptions and features can be easily outlines online. Most products in the mobile phone family belong to this category. A similar research on consumer behaviour of the Internet users by Cotte, Chowdhury, Ratenshwar& Ricci, shows that there are four distinct consumer groups with different intentions and motivations:
• Exploration
• Entertainment
• Shopping
• Information

Music Videos, Lyrics – Collection of music videos and lyrics are updated daily and almost all the adults interviewed for this purpose tends to be an active information seeker. A high level of technological confidence within this group tends to be an encouraging factor when it comes to product information research online. This analysis presents both, focus group results and behavioral theory results in a parallel fashion that it is divided into two main research topics: Information Retrieval and Search Patterns
Perception of Product Information Online These two areas is mutually dependent and particularly important in a market where consumers have the power to choose the right product from a number of competing suppliers. Easily accessible information that does not meet the consumer's expectations & well-structured product information that cannot be found easily online both these are of equal problem to the consumers.
Development of new distribution channels and online transactions are rapidly increasing as found in the study done by Anders Hasslinger; Selma Hodzic; Claudio Opazo (2008-02-01)
This has created a need to understand how the consumer perceives online purchases. The purpose of this study was to examine if there are any particular factors that influence the online consumer. For this a survey was conducted on the students at the University of Kristianstad and primary data was collected. It was concluded that Price, Trust and Convenience are the most important factors. And among these three, Price...

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