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Research On The Anime Invasion Essay

4377 words - 18 pages

Research on The Anime Invasion

Thesis Statement:     The popular onset of Princess Mononoke and Pokemon enabled
anime, once limited to an underground movement populated by teenage males, to enter mainstream American film entertainment, resulting in the backlash on violence, gender issues, and sexuality.

I. Overview
A.     Motivator
B.     Definition of anime
1.     Examples of anime
2.     Anime and its consumers
C.     Definition of manga
1. Popular American examples of manga
a.     Ranma ½
b.     Akira
c.     Fushigi Yugi: The Mysterious Play
2. Manga bestsellers
D.     Anime appeal to Americans
1.     American popular entertainment reference
a. Silence of the Lamb
b.     Perfect Blue
E.     Thesis Statement
II. Graphic violence in anime
A. Violence against women
1. Women raped and brutalized: weaker sex
2. Male/female Guyver comparisons
B. X
1.      Explanation/plot
2.     Good v. evil themes
C.     Violence in Princess Mononoke

III. Gender issues in anime
A.     Women subservient to men
1.     Hiding “special” abilities
2.     Magical girls
a.     Video Girl Ai
b.     Urusei Yatsura
c.     Tenchi Muyo
d.     Ah! My Goddess!
e.     Sailor Moon
B.     Women in 1950s and 1960s sitcoms and their gender roles
1.     I Dream of Jeannie
2.     Bewitched
C.     Analysis of male fears
1.     Ranma ½
2.     Anxieties and control issues
IV. Sexuality, Romantic and Pornographic, in anime
A. Romantic comedy/drama
1. Kimagure Orange Road (KOR)
a. Most popular form of anime
b. Consensual sex and romance
B. Pornographic content
1.     The Legend of the Overfiend
a. Rape
b. Torture
2. Segregation of boys and girls in society
a. Sexual referrals are present through sexual overtones
b. Sexual taboos

V.     Discussion
A. American reactions
1. Violence
2. Gender
3. Sexuality
B.     Thesis Statement restated
C.     Clincher

The Anime Invasion

     Two samurai warriors rush at one another in a blur of motion. A young man and woman exchange a passionate embrace. Colorful creatures face off in the battle arena. All are strong, central actions preformed in anime. In Japan, anime is more than the leading form of entertainment: it is a cultural identity. The film industry in Japan has done poorly since the 1980s, but animation has met with success since the mid-eighties. The popularity of manga, Japanese comic books, has helped to fuel interest in the US market. Anime has reached an all-time international high, with as much “fandom” in Japan as in other parts of the world (Stanley, 1998, 1). “Anime is marked by bright, kinetic artwork, sparse dialogue, and often fantastic stories about everything from high school basketball teams to mystic warriors with superhuman powers” (Cass, 1997, 2). The wildfire popularity, in the United States, of Pokemon, a children’s anime, is not, contrary to popular belief, just the lovable yellow, big-eyed rodent Pickachu, but a world of...

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