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Research On The Impact Of Classical Music On Cognitive Therapy English And Psychology Research Paper

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Rogers 7
Recent Research on the Impact of Classical Music on Cognitive Therapy
Andrew Rogers
Liberty High School
Mr. Tittl 3rd Period
Research Paper
Research on the effects of music as cognitive therapy is an ever growing subject to be discovered, from the effects on human biology to the brain’s cognitive ability to perform at a better aptitude. Some of these researches conducted have been done by the colleges that study the minds psychology, including Stanford, Temple, and Oxford. These colleges all conduct studies, surveys, and do research to all find out if the human brain reacts to music in such a way that it can comprehend and perform tasks to its fullest potential or unlock the parts you have yet to open. In a study conducted in 2005, pediatrician Kathi Kemper and psychologist Suzanne Danhauer concluded that music had multiple direct physiological effects: steady rhythms helped regulate breathing and elicited increased activity in the lateral temporal lobe, an area of the brain that helps integrate sensory inputs and that in particular, classical music helped improve heart rate variability, a measure of stress and resilience, while relaxing music led to decreased levels of cortisol, a stress hormone, in a group of students who were engaged in stressful activities. Music to every individual has many different effects, to some it may boost self-confidence or may have an indifferent effect in both behavior and in emotion. Since the initial study in 2005 the research has grown even stronger. Music is now used for therapeutically for a number of diseases, including dementia, schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and cerebral ischemia. (Konnikova, 2)
Alfred A. Tomatis, a famous man in the study of relations between classical music and cognitive activity and therapy, he is the man who came up with the idea of the Mozart Effect, the Mozart effect is this thought that Mozart’s music can help the human brain think critically and figure out problems better to its knowledge. In the study done by Kenneth Steele of Appalachian State University, he conducted a study where he had three groups. One group listened to Mozart’s music, another listened to Phillip Glass, and the third group did not listen to anything they were the control group. On average the group scored 10 out of 16 questions right, but after the experimental round the subjects a collective group scored a 12 out of 16, from this data we can tell that even listening to classical music can change the way someone thinks and performs. Individually the groups scored quite well, Mozart scored on average 11.77, the silent group scored 11.6, and the Glass group scored 12.15. But in this case it still is proving that listening to classical music of Wolfgang Mozart will able your mind to think critically. While there is no research on why the Mozart effects works there are always theories to why classical music works in a cognitive situation. One of theory is the thought that musical perception is...

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