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Research On The Relationship Of The Male Identity From A Social Construct

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The purpose of this paper is to discourse the relationship of the male identity from a social construct which pertains to the process of time. This will thus further propose social practises that undermine the ambiguities of the male gender which often have signifiers of masculinity that men use in the dialogue of social power and the affirmation of Mass Media. This chauvinism will be examined with a feminist perspective which will demonstrate masculinity in the form violence using Fight Club strictly as an example. What this paper attempts to show are the factors of economic status, social context, sexual orientation and heroism through the concept of consumerism.
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Fight Club attempts to confirm the supposedly disused mindless and violent masculinity although the traditional emphases on power and strength have belittled in a grace of a more liberated emancipation that values intellectualism over muscle. Therefore the realization of Fight Club for humanity means that strength is no longer power (Springer, 2014).
According to (Slideshare, n.d), the unreliable and jaded Narrator Jack is emasculated and we conclude that his male status is an illusion due to his accumulation of possessions and no happiness, "What dining set defines me as a person?” .His immutable persona is automatically lost as we observe that he has no longer masturbates to pornography, has no friends, he does not participate in any sexual orientation and has no libido. According to Springer (2014), the narrator recognises this and the fight club he creates is simply an honest representation of the male role that has been lost through the things that eliminated the physical presence of man which are urbanization, industrialization and the internet. He also escalates the disruptions aimed at financial systems and businessmen.
According to Slideshare (n.d), the mise en scene portrays the Narrator in a very unsettled and constricted world of white collar work with spaces that give him a sense of confinement. We examine the codes of this with the cluttered sets, low ceilings and him being trapped in his suit (a penguin is juxtaposed against the Narrator’s dream of masculine empowerment) and the neutral colours (Slideshare, n.d). The Narrator undergoes a crisis of insomnia which is a symptom of a larger agency which is his crisis of a Masculine identity. According to Springer (2014), his pleasure of masochism is supported by him being alive in the fight club very well by extension, supports his identity. (You aren't alive anywhere like you're alive in Fight Club, Springer: 2014).

From a post-structuralism perspective, Identity is comprehended as a process. It is never ultimately attained. So in this regard, there is no substance, fixed, or grounded self, but rather a fluent transcription of multiple subject positions which together provide...

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