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The use of technology has changed peoples lives by connecting with other people around the world by using social media websites, applying for a job on the internet, buying products from retail websites, and etc. Technology has also changed the way we are and how we behave. But the most important is that the use of technology change the way we live now.
The use of today's technology is taking advantage over peoples lives. The following ways have affected people by using technology: privacy information is never protected when using social media, government can track your computer if using it inappropriately, and internet will be smarter than any school teacher or college professor.
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For instance, in the article of “Government Policy on Internet Tracking” by Jonathan Strickland, describes how government can see your internet cookies which are stored on your computer's hard drive. He also mentions that the government can track anyone that tries to threats the government. Also, Strickland say's that if you use a public computer, such as a public library computer, it's hard to track the person that was using the computer because anyone could use the same computer and the government couldn't tell who was using the computer at longest the public library has a log in software to access the computer. It's important to realize what kind of consequences you will face if you use your computer inappropriately.
Some students struggle with their homework and can't contact their teacher for help. Students prefer to search up homework help websites or YouTube videos to help them learn how to solve the problem. As an illustration, in the article of “ Here's what the internet could look like in 2025” by Carina Kolodny, describes, how teacher recommends homework help websites, tutorials like “Khan Academy” to show students how to solve a difficult math or science problem. Kolodny also says that students also recommend Khan Academy because they say that it helps them learn how to solve difficult problems or to prepare for their next exam. In fact, many students prefer Khan Academy as their teacher instead of their school teachers. Teachers will need to find a way to explain their lectures or otherwise they will be replaced by internet instructors.
Many experts think that is good having technology because there is a lot of advanteges. They also think that technology has give us the freedom to post anything on the internet. For example, in the article of “Social Networking Benefits Validated” by Karen Goldburg Goff says that “social networking contributes to teens extended friendship and interests.” The majority of teens use sites like facebook to hang out with minded people. She also describes how teenagers have expand their social life publicizing and distributing to online audiences. This...

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