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Research Paper 3

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College Learning: How motivation impact College Learning
All men are created equal, but some work harder in preseason. What is motivation? Motivation is the act or an instance of motivating, or providing with a reason to act in a certain way. In other word why someone does what they do. Motivation is at the heart of everything we do in life. College learning is no different. Christopel mentions that “theorists in educational psychology have viewed students’ motivation as one of the important elements that contribute to the learning process (Christophel 323).” Motivation is not just something someone use in sports, it is part of everyday life. Like anything in life there are pros and ...view middle of the document...

2).” Motivation is at the heart of the college learning, usually it is in direct connection with some type of overall outcome.
How do one maintain his/her motivation to do well in college? Well one is how they are being taught. Christophel records, “cognitive learning emphasizes comprehension and retention of knowledge; affective learning focus on a positive or negative attitude toward the subject or the teacher; and behavioral leaning is the development of psychomotor skills (323-324).” In the environment a student can learn a great deal of information. “A general pattern of student motivation toward learning often takes the following squential form – student energy, volition, direction, involvement, and completion (Christophel 324).” Students motivation relies on these points if anyone of these points are taken away of damppened in anyway the motivation toward learning way do away. So it is important help the students along as much as possible. Motivation in learning have some misconceptions that may it difficult to understand. Acouple beliefs people have makes it hard.
• “Belief 1: When student are not willing to involve themselves in class activities or assisigments, they are unmotivated. (Christophel 324)”
• “Belief 2: Teachers motivated students. (Christophel 324)”
• “Belief 3 : Snice students must learn in order to survive, making them learn is more important than their motivation to learn. (Christophel 324)”
• “Belief 4: Threats can facilitate student motivation to learn. (Christophel 324)”
• “Belief 5: Learning automatically improvesw with increased student motivation. (Christophel 324)”...

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