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And Then God Created Jupiter Essay

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The sun is the center of the solar system, the great star in the sky, created by God to show His beauty and His power. Everything revolves around the sun, everything from the planets to people’s everyday lives. Some of the greatest planets God created are Earth and Jupiter; they are both key planets in the solar system but are both quite different. Jupiter is the planet of disproportions and storms that would rip Earth in pieces. On Jupiter there are hurricanes bigger than planet Earth itself, moons that could be called planets if they were not in Jupiter’s orbit, and a size so big it can swallow comets whole with only ripples in the planets clouds. Jupiter is different than Earth in many ways.
To begin with, Jupiter is a very unique planet in many ways from its gravity, size, time difference, and its nicknames. First its day is different than Earth’s one. Earth’s day is twenty-four hours but “Jupiter’s day is nine hours and fifty-five minutes.” (Lawrence O. Richards, 20) Second Jupiter is also the biggest planet in the solar system. It is so immense that it “can hold thousands of Earth size balls in it” (Lawrence O. Richards, 20) and some people call it “the king of the planets”. (Lawrence O. Richards 20) Third Jupiter is also the name of the king of the Roman gods; the Ancient Romans named Jupiter after their chief god because it was the biggest star in the sky. But “despite Jupiter’s great size its gravity only is 2.63 times that of Earth’s gravity.” (Lawrence O. Richards, 20) Fourth if it were not for Jupiter’s gravity the whole planet would float away in space as a giant gas cloud that could cover most of our solar system. “Jupiter is like a giant protective mother of Earth.” (Jeannie K. Fulbright 104) Jupiter is called that because of its size and gravity. Most Comets that would possibly hit Earth, get pulled into Jupiter like “in July of 1994 comet Shoemaker-Levy9 crash into Jupiter.” (, Bill Arnett) Jupiter protects Earth from comets from space by pulling them into itself. Jupiter and Earth are both unique in their own ways.
In addition to that almost everything about Jupiter and Earth is different: its gravity, size and even its atmosphere and the planet itself. Of the many differences between these planet, Jupiter has diversities in its atmosphere and weather. Jupiter’s storms are the extremes of Earth storms and lighting on Jupiter is 4 to5 times stronger than the lighting on Earth. (Jeannie K. Fulbright, 105) Jupiter has been having a huge hurricane going on there for 300 years. (Jeannie K. Fulbright, 105) Most of these storms and hurricanes are caused by the planet’s fast spinning and if Earth was to spin any faster than 18 hours a day the whole planet would have giant non-stopping storms like Jupiter (Lawrence O. Richards). If Jupiter’s weather was to be put into one simple declaration, it would be that the whole planet is one big storm. Equally important is Jupiter’s atmosphere. Jupiter’s lower atmosphere is...

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