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A Case For Genetically Modified Babies

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Although many people believe that babies should be born naturally, they should be born genetically modified because the modifications benefit the baby by preventing it from suffering of diseases, disabilities or birth defects.
For years babies have been born naturally with no drugs or modifications and have lived a healthy happy life, however many of those babies have suffered horrible birth defects or various diseases. Today scientists have discovered a way to prevent babies and their families from suffering these birth defects and diseases. This process is called “genetically modifying”. To many people, this discovery is something they have been wanting and waiting for, but to others this recent discovery is something unwanted and avoided.
Recent studies done by scientist have shown that by genetically modifying unborn babies, many birth defects and diseases are avoided. This process is very beneficial to many people, and no negative effects have been a result of this process. I believe that this process should be carried out and more frequently used around the world. Of course a few more tests should be done to ensure that this is what it seems but other than that, I believe that this process does nothing other than benefit babies and their families.
I can see how many people can be against it, whether its just against religious views or that people are just against the whole process as a whole. If you don’t believe in something then there is no point of doing it or promoting it. Although there hasn’t been any negative feedback or reports of this process, there is always a possibility of something going wrong and once that happens there is no going back.
Many people believe that the term “genetically modifying” is a way that you can change the color of a baby’s eye or hair color, but it isn’t always like that. Scientists have been using this process in a more effective way that benefits the baby’s health, not its appearance. I believe if more people took the time to sit down and read about the process or just take a few minutes to listen to what others have to say about it, that they would have a much better outlook on the process as a whole. I know this from firsthand experience because I was also not very sure about it until I did my research and read more about it.
The discovery of this process is very recent and has not yet been opened to everyone. All tests have come out positive with positive results, but many scientists and organizations are going back and re-testing and holding more experiments so that they can assure that no one is being put at risk by this.
There is no doubt that this is a very dangerous procedure, the techniques would change every cell in the bodies of babies being born. I believe that being genetically modified is worth it in the end because whatever is modified is passed down to your children, which means that they would not have to have the...

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