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The 4th Funciton Of Management: Controlling

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The 4th function of Management: Controlling
Controlling is the process of monitoring, comparing and correcting work performance (Robins, 420). The controlling procedure is an indispensable key function of management for a few reasons. In any case, it supports supervisors to assess whether objectives have been met or not and the reason behind it. Furthermore, it permits mangers to empower their workers more as having a viable controlling framework provides feedback and data on employees' work and it becomes less likely for a problem to occur (Robins, 421). In addition, the control function is required as not all individuals act in the organization’s best interest. Consequently, having a control function is vital in order to empower alluring movements and confine and maintain a strategic distance from the undesirable ones. For instance, one of the issues that the control function handles is the particular confinements, which is when employees don't comprehend what are they required to do or how to perform a certain errand because of the absence of training or insufficient information (Merchant, 43). Another example of personal limitations would be the inability of humans to process some information or make decisions. In this manner, this influences the organization’s effectiveness (Merchant, 43). Likewise, once in a while there is an absence of objective consistency. Consequently, if these individual limits and motivational issues are not controlled then this may prompt a frail execution of the organization or worse off the failure of the organization (Merchant, 43). To sum up, controlling tends to be a key function of management as it secures the organization and its assets (Robins, 421).
Moreover, the control process comprises of three fundamental steps; measuring actual performance and equating it against standard execution, which are specific goals that have been set during the planning process (Robins 422). The third step is taking a managerial action to adjust deviations and tackle insufficient models. Furthermore, the control function shouldn’t solely address measurement and feedback because this can be misleading and not feasible (Merchant, 43). However, better control system can be founded.
As a matter of fact, one cannot have a perfect control over matters due to future unknown events yet one can have good control where he/she can rest assured that no bolt from the blue will occur (Merchant, 44). Furthermore, good control has several traits. To begin with, good control is future-oriented rather than past turned. The past is just utilized as a guide to learn from past slip-ups, while it focuses on the future so it can evade disagreeable real shocks (Merchant, 44). In addition, good control is multi-dimensional as it controls several aspects within a department rather than one aspect only. For instance, several aspects are measured such as quality, efficiency and effective. It is also difficult to determine whether good performance...

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