Peripheral Vision: Does Glasses Or Contacts Help The Best?

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Our peripheral vision is the part of our vision that occurs outside of our central vision. This means our peripheral vision occurs on the sides of our eyes. The reason we have peripheral vision is to see objects and movement out of our central vision. What we see in our peripheral vision is blurrier than direct vision.
Our eye is made up of three tunics, also known as layers. The first tunic contains the transparent cornea and the scelra. The sclera is the white of the eye. It helps maintain the shape of the eye. The transparent cornea allows the light to come through and completes two thirds of the focusing process. In the transparent cornea there are no blood vessels, but there are nerves. The second tunic consists of the iris, the ciliary body, and the choroid. The iris is the colored part of the eye. It also controls the how much light can enter the eye. The ciliary body consists of the muscles that adjust the body of the lens. The choroid supplies all the tunics with blood from the vessels it contains. The last tunic holds the retina. “The retina is a light sensitive membrane.” (Baggly152) The retina is where light rays enter and the image is created.
In our eye, the parts of our eye have much to do and have to do it extremely quickly. So the things we see aren’t upside down and the colors are mixed up. First, the lights enters into our retina, where the picture is created upside down. Then before the image enters into the brain, it goes through the visual cortex. In the visual cortex the image turns right side up and it passes through the brain. The eye has to do that under a second.
Rods and cones are categorized as photoreceptors. They are both found in the retina. Rods cannot process color. Cones can process color, but only green, red,and blue light. We have 126 million and 6 cones. Rods and cones are mostly found in the center of the eye. Since very few cones and almost no rods are at the sides of our eyes, so our ...

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