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Obseity: From The Lack Of Exercise And A Balanced Diet

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Obesity in this country is growing at an unheard of rate and two of the significant reasons for this are the lack of Exercise and the lack of properly balanced school lunches. The lack of school ground equipment is mostly blamed on costly lawsuits to the schools from injuries occurring on the equipment. The lack of nutrition in school lunches have been caused by the need to serve hundreds of students in a matter of around four lunch sessions of around thirty minutes each. What we need to solve the problem is healthier lunches, more school ground equipment, and increase the amount of unrestrictive play. Opponents of correcting these problems cite lack of funding however there are several solutions to the monetary problems including raising taxes on tobacco and tobacco paraphernalia, do school run donation drives with candy and other products that you can sell for the maximum amount of profit, and legalize marijuana and tax it. How we implement the program will really make or break it. At first there should be a trial run with a few selected schools to see even it is even possible and if it is a success expand outward. As the implementation takes place the parents need to be made aware of the changes and how it will profit the children. Also the community need to be made aware of the changes to help support the program.
We need to change our approach to recess and food in public schools because of astonishing statistics that have shown just how bad the obesity crisisis in America. Over a third of school age kids are overweight and one of the effects of this is more sick days since the children have compromised immune systems and are therefore more subsceptible to diabetes and coronary issues earlier than previously considered normal. Another reason to change it is the quality of food in the school cafeterias. These operations are significantly undersived and undermanned to provide healthy nutritious food to the students of the school. Because of this the schools are pretty much forced to use already prepared foods and to just heat them up and serve. This leads to children receiving far to much sodium and processed ingredients and too little fruits and vegtables. While this by itself might not directly correlate to obesity this combined with lack of recess and unstructured playtime on proper playground equipment has resulted in a devastating reation of far more obesity in America.
The situation will just get worse if we do nothing since when...

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