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Research Paper About The Possibility Of Time Travel

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Time Machines: Fact or Fiction?Ever since H. G. Wells wrote his classic novel The Time Machine, there has been a continuing fascination with time travel. This dream of time travel has invaded every part of society, from the mass media to the micro media. With recent advancements in science and technology, scientists have been able to theoretically prove that it is possible to travel through time.In 1905 Albert Einstein published his theory of relativity. His theory predicted that time slows down as you approach high speeds. (Brian) This is some times called time dilation. (Encarta) As objects approach the speed of light, time slows to "a snails pace," at the speed of light time stops, and if the object could travel faster than the speed of light time would travel backwards. This is the key point in building a time machine. If a person were able to travel faster than the speed of light they would travel back in time. This example of a time machine is sometimes called the twins paradox. (Time Travel)The twins paradox is a very simple way to explain how Einstein's theory works. There are two twins identical in every conceivable way. They were born at the same exact moment and they look exactly alike. One twinboards a large spaceship and is sent hurdling off into space almost at the speed of light, while the other twin remains on earth. Time for the twin on the spaceship has almost stopped, while time for the earth bound twin has remained at its constant rate. When the twin on the spaceship returns home after some time, he finds that his brother is as old as their grandfather. Time slowed down for the spaceship twin, which kept him from aging. (Time Travel Research Center)Until the creation of atomic clocks Einstein's theory was just the ramblings of a nerd. In the nineteen sixties two scientists named Keating and Hafele proved Einstein's theory. They synchronized two atomic clocks and flew one around the world. Using Einstein's equations they predicted the amount of time that the clocks would disagree with each other. They connected both of the clocks to a computer and found that Einstein was correct. The clocks disagreed with each other by nine nanoseconds, just as Einstein had predicted. This helped prove that time machines are a reality. (Time Travel)Now, some opponents of time travel say that it is impossible to logically send a person at the speed of light without killing them because ofthe "G" forces involved. When a person accelerates they experience a force pushing you back, this is called "G" force. To accelerate to the speed of lightin a short amount of time would crush the person. The only other option is to accelerate the person very slowly over a long period of time. This does not work because by the time the person reached the speed of light you would not need a time machine because they would already be in the future. In other words, it would just take too long.This is where wormholes come into play. A wormhole is a special kind of...

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