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America's Pursuit for HappinessSince the dawn of time men and women have struggled to achieve success and enjoy the wonders of life. Over millennia later, one nation has grown close to attaining this arduous feat: America. In the "land of the free and the home of the brave," people from all sorts of backgrounds are free to make their life a happy one. An American's life consists of hard work and finding one's success in life, a generalized view of how this nation operates. Every citizen is granted the right to be content, rich, and joyful. But throughout the nation hatred, poverty, racism, injustice, and even tyranny still remain the very elements that deter the joys of life. Are all Americans granted equal opportunity to obtain true happiness and success, or is it all a façade imprisoning us in deception?One document that justifies an Americans privileges, is none other the historical Bill of Rights. This document lists every right an American citizen has, from the right to speak freely, to the right to a speedy trial. One right that dissuades the harmony in America would be the 2nd Amendment: the right to bear arms. Though all Americans have a right to protect themselves, the Second Amendment gives room for unethical use of its purpose. This allows certain ruthless American citizens to use their right to bear arms against other countrymen. Crime, especially, is a result of this, as homicide and robbery spread throughout the nation. Corruptive use of the 2nd Amendment creates caustic effects on society, creating an environment where joy and success are hard to obtain. Though each state has its own laws and procedures on gun control that try to alleviate this problem, crime and corruption continue to find alternatives that strengthen their resolve. If America is a bastion for all to enjoy life, this nation must work harder to make it a safer and more pleasant place.One major factor that ensures that Americans are granted happiness is the level of equality in society. Although America has come a long way in the progress of freedom, the American people continue to struggle against oppression. However, this oppression isn't from an outside force, but instead from within our very own nation. A large number of citizens are denied such luxuries in life, because of unfair treatment. Each day a person, of any race or gender, is watched and crudely judged because of certain qualities a person may exude. This issue keeps people from being treated equally. American society has become very judgmental and superficial, stopping any progress of equality. Until society let's go of their petty differences and hatred, America, and the world, will continueIn America nothing is free. Like all...

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