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Research Paper Estblishing Why The Ghanaian Diet Is More Nutritious And Affordable But Less Accesssible In Comparison To The Spanish Meditarranean Die

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Food is very essential for survival and as such, an average a person consumes a controlled regimen of food and water to sustain good health. The Ghanaian is not easily accessible as compared to the Spanish diet, however it is still superior to the Spanish diet because it is affordable and very high in nutritional value. The Spanish also practice the Mediterranean way of eating by the people in the Mediterranean region (Spain, Greece, Crete, Italy etc…) but has now spread to other parts of the world. Some major ingredients in the Spanish diet include: omega-3 oil, parsley, Ham, cheese, sausages, pork, beef, legumes, nuts, garlic, bread, red wine and a lot of citrus fruits. Also, major ingredients in the Ghanaian diet are sea foods, dairy products, rice, maize/corn, soybeans, beans cassava, yam sweet potatoes, cocoyams, eggplant, okra, palm oil, garlic and rice.
The country Spain, is known for its large scale fruit and wheat production and industrialization. The coastal sectors are engaged in grain production like wheat, barley, vegetables and large scale citrus production like kale, apples, pineapples, mustard greens, celery, apricots, figs and dates. The availability of grains and fruits which are an essential part of the Spanish diet make it accessible to the people in that region (, 2007). Mediterranean countries account for 95% of the world's olive cultivation because olive trees require a mild climate with warm summers, cold winters and rocky or preferably deep soils

(Tous and Ferguson, 1996).
This implies that there is easy accessibility Spain particularly. The growth and modernization of the Spanish agro-food industry has paved the way for larger companies capable of competing internationally to expand their businesses. Also the Implementation of international distribution has been beneficial to export sector in Spain as it has enhanced the industry to become more efficient.
For the reason that Ghana is located along the coast of the Mediterranean sea, southern and central regions of Ghana are mainly engaged in fishing whilst other sectors like the eastern and northern regions are engaged in farming and livestock rearing. However, most foods available in a particular region in Ghana are not easily accessible to people in other regions. For example, it is very difficult to find some leafy vegetables and fruits like cashew in southern, eastern and central Ghana just as it is difficult to find sea foods in the northern regions.
Poor industrialization and transportation conditions constitute a greater percentage of the inaccessibility of food in Ghana since food crops harvested cannot be efficiently transported nationwide and moreover, there are no industries to process and preserve the excess produced. Ghana has become dependent on imports for about 70 percent of its rice and poultry demand. According to the Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MOFA) great strides have been made in the past four years towards increasing the...

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