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“In a Dark time” by Theodore Roethke gives a retrospect into the inner turmoil’s of finding oneself through a haze of doubts in till reaching a moment of clarity. Each section of the poem describes a different emotion, or inner thought that spirals from fear of death, to emotions of desire. The use of imagery between nature and uncertainties of the narrator give a glimpse into Roethke’s own mind during the time he wrote this poem. Without hundreds of pages Roethke created a poem that connects readers to their own self-doubts and struggles of finding ones way again.
Instead of writing hundreds of pages Roethke manages to fit a wide range of emotions into a more creative form by minimizing ...view middle of the document...

Since most of the emotions and imagery are placed in those two middle stanzas that create a climax in the poem in which the reader can follow along with the narrator breaking through his initial haziness into clarity.
Leading in the poem with a very serious introduction as Roethke had draws in a lot of dark emotional tension that is slowly released as the poem unravels. By the end the idea that the narrator has sorted out all his confusion through the dark situation they encountered and ending with a line that is bright “And one is One, free in the tearing wind”. Without giving any initial perceptions of whom this narrator is or what his conflicts are; Roethke is able to convey raw emotions.
An emotional poem, such as “in a dark time” has to be connected to some bases of Roethke’s own life or it wouldn’t have the same emotional impact that it does. In the documentary “IN A DARK TIME” shot by himself that was gathered by Public Resource ,Roethick states “adolescences is particularly an interlude time, a time of being blurred or fuzzy or uncertain about what’s going on…”. The Theodre Roethcke foundation have a brief look into his child hood “Theodore worked in the greenhouses with his father and his childhood experiences with the family’s Saginaw floral company inspired many of his poems”. His closeness to nature as a child is reflected throughtout this poem in sections such as “A night flowing with birds, a ragged moon, And in broad day the midnight come again!”.
Although some crucial events in his life could be linked to how his writing of “in a dark time” came to be focused on more darker themes. the univertsy of Washington in which Roethcke taught gathered biograpchical notes that scope some traumatic events in his life “Otto and his brother Charles ran a greenhouse in Saginaw until the early 1920s. Around that same time, Theodore became the head of the family when Otto died of cancer and Charles committed suicide”. Having faced the loss of his father Otto and his brother Charles gives a looking glass into why Roethck wrote a dark emotional poem such as “in a dark time”.
Although brilliant in his writing and teaching carrier Roethck had breakdowns, according to thr poetry foundation “…his breakdowns did not occur until 1945, they became increasingly more frequent in the ensuing decade; by 1958, he was attending therapy sessions six times a...

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