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Research Paper Kelsey Herniman

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When I sell liquor, it’s called bootlegging. When my patrons serve it on silver trays on Lake Shore Drive, it’s called hospitality. Al Capone made himself known during the Progressive Era and it’s hard for him not to come to mind when “prohibition” is mentioned. Al Capone was best known for his many crimes, including bootlegging, murder, and tax evasion. Because of his bootlegging, Capone lived an extravagant life which allowed him many opportunities. The murders he committed showcased the power he had, and being convicted of tax evasion seemed like a joke. Although Al Capone was a ruthless gangster there was a side to him that many still don’t know about; a kinder side.
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Capone worked as a bouncer and bartender for him at the sleazy Harvard Inn bar. This is where Capone would learn the workings of gangs and their shady work, which would put him on the path to becoming a criminal.
Criminal life was the norm for Al Capone growing up. He grew up watching his peers and mentors commit crimes and even committed some of his own. His childhood “gangs” committed crimes like trespassing and petty larceny (Rosenberg 1). Murder wasn’t in his vocabulary, yet. Al Capone had many nicknames, one of them being “Scarface”. The name explains itself, but how he got the scar is another story. One night Capone made a comment to a girl at the Harvard Inn and the girl’s brother was upset about it and cut Capone’s face with a knife, branding him with a mark he could never forget (Rosenberg 1). The man was found dead a few days later, but there was no evidence of who did it, so Capone was clear of the law, but it was obvious who had killed him. The murder Capone committed showed his mentors what he was capable of and his potential to be a leader. After Frankie Yale turned Capone over to his boss, Johnny Torrio, Capone got into scuffle and personally killed another man for attacking his friend. This put him in danger as he was a suspect in the murder. To make sure Capone didn’t get into any trouble with the police, Torrio sent him to Chicago, which is where Capone would make his mark and his fortune.
Chicago made Capone. If not for the city, Capone wouldn’t be nearly as powerful as he eventually became. His rise to power was eminent as...

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