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Research Paper On Benefits Of Distance Learning

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Convenient LearningSince the emergence of computers, information is more accessible to people. The traditional outlook on learning has changed significantly and allows people to learn at their own pace. With all this information so readily available why not attend college online and allow people to earn a degree from the comfort of their own home? Distance learning is a great alternative to the traditional school and can allow students the convenience of learning from their own home or workplace. Many companies and universities are participating in distance learning to better serve their employees and students. Online courses offer more flexibility in course times, which can appeal to the student with a career and family. The cost of tuition for an online university is also lower than a traditional school (Computer Colleges: Distance Learning).Time is very important to most students today. Especially for the student who is returning to school to help better themselves in their current job or even going to college to help them find a better job. The college experience is not important to these people and therefore makes distance learning a great alternative to traditional college. This also offers privacy to the student in a way that traditional college can not offer. In a traditional college environment a student is often forced to participate in a classroom whether that student is comfortable or not. Distance learning offers students another way to attend college without the burden of the college life.A student who attends a traditional school and lives on campus also has to pay dorm and meal fees. Students that use an online university do not have to worry about paying these fees. Costs of using an online university are lower than traditional schools for many reasons. Expensive textbooks that a traditional student would have to buy are not needed since the information is available online (Computer Colleges: Distance Learning). Students do not have to pay additional costs for renovations of the regular universities' buildings. This is also true with a traditional student paying more for tuition to help support athletics and other campus activities.Online courses offer many conveniences to students. For instance, they don't have to try and find classes that fit in between their work hours and other responsibilities (Computer Colleges: Distance Learning). Online universities offer classes that can be taken late at night when a persons' children are asleep. Most traditional schools have a thick course catalog full of times that classes are offered. Using an online university, a student does not have to spend large amounts of time trying to find courses that do not conflict with their schedules. Although not all classes can be completed whenever a student wants to, they are given deadlines which can allow the student to work at their own pace and can help to eliminate additional stress.As an alternative to listening to a lecture, a student can have...

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