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Research Paper On Ernest Heminway's The Old Man And The Sea(Santiago As A Hemingway Hero)

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Santiago: The Hemingway HeroThe book Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway is one like most Hemingway books. It contains, like most of his works, hidden meanings in the texts. Not only that, but the main character is one of an adventurous, glamorous lifestyle, much like Hemingway himself. Santiago, the main character of The Old Man and the Sea, has been debated over the topic as to whether or not he is actually worthy to be deemed a "Hemingway Hero."The "Hemingway Hero"In each of Hemingway's books, he puts uniqueness in each main character that remains true throughout all his books. This uniqueness is a combination of qualities that place the character in a category of a "Hemingway Hero." What exactly are these qualities? Well, first off, a Hemingway Hero depends wholly on himself, and is completely self-reliant: a loner at heart. "Participating in Nature makes the Hemingway Hero feel alive and refreshed, for nature offers him an opportunity to test his skills through forms of competition, such as hunting and fishing," (Dwiggins). Therefore, a Hemingway Hero also enjoys nature, as far as to the point of coinciding or even seeming to rely on Natures Company. It is usually a male, who would face danger willingly because he believes that his worth as a man is measured by his ability to endure. A hero made by Hemingway views personal violence (healthy competition between two worthyopponents) as something necessary and beneficial to life. The Hemingway Hero, by competing with an equally skilled opponent, can prove his manhood through such testing of endurance, courage, strength, and spirit. He faces Death as any human, however, regards a fight to the death as an ultimate challenge of his worth, and advances to face such challenges with supreme dignity. Although the hero does this, he is rarely satisfied on his life or accomplishments, and proves himself again and again. He holds extreme intimacy with nature, holding a deep appreciation for her sights, sounds, and smells. Most of all, the Hemingway Hero displays four very important qualities that ultimately complete the being as a Hemingway Hero. These qualities are courage, honor, endurance, and "grace under pressure."CourageThe main character Santiago in The Old Man and the Sea completes his seaward journey, trials, and tribulations with much courage inside. "Santiago, throughout his hardships of his three-day fight with the marlin, displays courage by keeping at the task, no matter how tired he gets, and 'going the distance,' (Dwiggins). This "going the distance" she speaks of is not only the fact that he went the distance by holding onto the marlin, and not letting it go, but also going out farther than the rest of the fisherman normally would. Not only did he go further than the fisherman in that factor, but also in the factor of vowing for a fight with the Marlin to the death. He was not going to let go, no matter the cost. "Just as Santiago goes 'far out' beyond the lesser ambitions of the...

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1787 words - 7 pages The Old Man and His Sea by Ernest Hemingway Cuba, Ernest Hemingway's haven for writing literature, fishing for marlin and basking in it's tropical weather. Cuba played a key role in Hemingway's life and literature. He spent many days and nights writing famous lines and passages for his well known novels such as Old Man in the Sea, For Whom the Bell Tolls and Islands in the Stream. Born Ernest Miller Hemingway on July 21, 1899, he was

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1350 words - 5 pages harsh sea, that is, one that has value andmystery as well as death and danger. It has commercial value as well asthe population of life in it. It is dark and treacherous though, andevery day there is a challenge. A similar story tells about a tidalpool with life called `Cannery Road'.This part of the story has to deal with figures of Christ. Itmainly deals with Santiago as being a figure of Christ and othercharacters as props, that is, characters

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1213 words - 5 pages is that when reading Hemingway, the reader should note that he has used more realism in “The Old Man and the Sea” than he has in most of his other works. Also, Hemingway uses an immense amount of vocabulary to help express the imagery from the story. An example of this is when he uses the word phosphorescence to help describe the light given off by the gulf weed. As a fun fact, “The Old Man and the Sea” was based on actual events that took place

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1646 words - 7 pages has ever been to. Old Santiago suffers a lot during this long and grueling struggle with the big marlin, but he never gives up, so finally he defeats the marlin successfully. However, things are not always go the way as people wish. On his way back home he is only to see that his trophy catches destroyed by sharks. "But man is not made for defeat, he said, a man can be destroyed but not defeated...the dsntuso is cruel and able and strong and

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779 words - 4 pages Strength in the Sea American writer Napoleon Hill once said, “Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle.” In particular, Ernest Hemingway’s short novel, The Old Man and the Sea is an allegorical story about life’s struggles and rewards. In this story, Santiago struggles a lot while at sea but in the end he comes out a strong man. On the surface the story seems to be about a man who struggles to catch a giant marlin

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844 words - 3 pages each day with his skiff empty. (p.9)" Because so often the man wishes he had Manolin with him to help, this shows how Manolin must be in good health and physical strength. As Santiago would be serving as the Christ figure in this novel, Manolin would represent one of his disciples.With age does come wisdom, as Hemingway shows in this novel? Santiago symbolizes old age and wisdom with his great fishing experience and also represents a God figure

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842 words - 3 pages loyalty and engulfs himself with her beauty slowly undressing her. He knew for sure at that time that she was his. His undying love for her and his new found excitement is a clear symbol of how each and every one of us are. We all find love and embrace it as much as we can. The woman loves too much that the narrator could be considered a false god. [Happy and proud; at last I knew/ Porphyria worshiped me: surprise/ Made my heart swell, and still it

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811 words - 3 pages Literary Analysis: The Old Man and the Sea Ernest Hemingway~{!/~}s novella, ~{!0~}The Old Man and the Sea~{!1~} has one of the most simplistic plot structures of the literary world. But does this fact eliminate its eligibility as a piece of good literature? Quite the contrary, this novella is one of the most respected literary pieces ever written. This novel is written in a simple style which has a straightforward plot, very distinct

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1332 words - 5 pages of which is La Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre, or Our Lady of Charity. Cubans celebrate a religious holiday in her honor every year on September 8th. Arguably the most important symbol in the novel is that which Santiago fights: the marlin. Throughout the story, Santiago Works Cited Hemingway, Ernest. “The Old Man and The Sea” Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1952. Pp.1-127 Wagner, Erica. "Baseball in Cuba." The Journal of Popular Culture, Vol.18

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2352 words - 10 pages different struggles that a person can go through in their everyday life. The countless adversities Santiago encounters during his adventure in The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway, can be viewed by any person as the same they are forced to deal with throughout their lives. The first symbol Hemingway uses is an example of struggle in life when Santiago reflects on Manolin. After Santiago hooks the marlin he begins to sense a need for the

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1980 words - 8 pages ' hearts beat for a few hours after death and the seabirds that were always looking and almost never finding (Hemingway 82).Hemingway wrote The Old Man in the Sea in an "omniscient perspective that is narrowly focused and limited in order to concentrate intensively on a single man and a single action" (Grebstein 221). Focusing on one character allows an in-depth study of that person and their qualities. With different perspectives, the person is seen with different qualities. Santiago is seen as himself, a hero, a saint, or a parent, because different people with different perspectives focused on different qualities.

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1044 words - 4 pages man, is determined to fell the great marlin he pursues, wants to prove to Manolin how much of a strange old man he is, and contends against the brutal sharks when there is little chance of him succeeding. The Old Man and the Sea focuses its plot mainly on Santiago’s struggle against the marlin. Existentialism makes its appearance when Santiago chooses to pursue the marlin, stay with it the entire way, and fight tooth and nail at the end. “My

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1577 words - 6 pages Day 1. In The Old Man and the Sea Ernest Hemingway tells the triumphant yet tragic story of a veteran fisherman battling the infamous blue marlin off the coast of Cuba. In the beginning Hemingway explains the situation of the main character, Santiago, an old fisherman who has gone eighty-four days without catching a fish. Santiago fishes on the Gulf Stream for the first forty days with a young man named Manolin, whose parents force him to leave