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Research Paper On Marijuana

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Article 1: "Effects: More than just Munchies" The New York Times, January 29, 20021)A molecule known as endogenous cannabinoids (or endocannabinoids), which is very similar, in shape and effect to the active ingredient in marijuana, is made naturally by the body to regulate a variety of processes.2)Cannabinoids regulate appetite, pain, and memory (hippocampus), all of which are affected by marijuana.3)Marijuana is only addictive to a small percentage (10%-14%) of people who use it.4) Doctors are not sure of how the hippocampus uses the endocannabinoids, but they suspect that these molecules strengthen the connections between nerve cells, thus, strengthening memory abilities.5)When cannabinoids are abundant, everything is marked for memory, but overwhelms the brain's system, resulting in nothing being remembered.6)Cannabinoids also tone down the production of neurotransmitters, slowing everything down when things seem to be too fast.7)Cannabinoids, through a complex chain of events, activates the dopamine system, which puts the user in a good mood.8)There have been reports that marijuana users go through a withdrawal syndrome, showing signs of an addiction.9)Heavy marijuana users who have quit using the drug have reported symptoms of craving, decreased appetite; sleep difficulty, weight loss, aggression, anger, irritability, restlessness, and strange dreams. All of these withdrawal symptoms are similar to those of tobacco smokers.Article 2:"Britain Tests Drugs Based on Marijuana," The New York Times, Feb.18, 20021)Britain is having clinical trials concerning marijuana use as a pain-killing drug.2)British doctors could be filling out prescriptions for these cannabis-based drugs as early as 2004.3)Canada became the first country to legalize the use of marijuana as a treatment for the chronic illnesses last year.4)Britain now plans to offer cannabis-based pills through the National Health Service.5)These trials are paid for by the Medical Research Council and supported by the Department of Health and the Royal Pharmaceutical Society.6)The trials are set up to evaluate the use of cannabinoids in multiple sclerosis and post-operative pain. The results are expected at the end of 2002 and the National Institute for Clinical Excellence will use these results in its assessment of these drugs.7)Hundreds of people have already begun using the cannabis-based tablets for the trials. The results will be forwarded to the National Institute for Clinical Excellence, where they will decide if these tablets should be offered by prescription.8)Marijuana is favored by many people who have multiple sclerosis and cancer. These people say that cannabis kills pain and stimulates appetite without the corrosive side effects of many alternatives.Article 3: "Do Sports Keep Kids under Control?" Psychology Today, January/February 20021)8% of inner-city 13-year-old boys who had participated in a team sport have reported marijuana use.2)27% of inner-city 13 year-old boys who had...

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