Research Paper On Mcdonald's Being An Evil Corporation. Mainly Mcdonald's Being The Worst Compared To Any Other Fast Food Restaurant Out There.

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RUNNING HEAD: McDonald, An Evil CorporationMcDonald, An Evil CorporationMcDonald = EVILWhy must people live their life through ignorance knowing that their ignorant habits are not only hurting themselves, but their family, friends and the society around them? Americans feel that because we are the number one country with the biggest amount of overweight, obese citizens that it's okay to eat a certain way. Why shouldn't they when the media, the number one persuader of our generation today, are convincing people that McDonald is the place to be and eat, through their catchy songs and skits commercial? McDonald is the "devil" of the food business world in many ways, especially by it being a Corp. Everyone should be aware of what any Corporal business are capable of, and that is making money one way or the other. If they need to cut something down or destroy someone to do it, than so it shall be. This problem is rather significant to our lives and we need a way to slow down the process or shut it off all together. As our world is tearing and wearing down slowly it seems as if people don't even care. No one is worried about what U.S will be like 10 years from now? Are we capable of getting rid of this fast food madness? McDonald is an evil corporation, which is slowly destroying our personal lives, communities, environment and the world needs to be aware of this.McDonald's restaurant dates back to 1940, when it was a Bar-B-Q stand rather than a burger restaurant, in San Bernardino, California. Co-owners, Dick and Mac McDonald closed it down in 1948 for three months, in order to make alterations and reopened it as a self-service drive-in restaurant on December of that same year. The Menu then was nine items: hamburger, cheeseburger, soft drinks, milk, chips and a slice of pie. 1955 was the powder gunshot at a raceway, to McDonald restaurants opening up across the country, starting with the second restaurant in Des Plaines, Illinois on April 15. While McDonald was expanding in numbers of restaurants, their menu was increasing as well.In 1968, Big Mac was introduced to the menu and then in 1973 the Quarter pounder and the quarter pounder with cheese makes debut to the McDonalds menu.IMAGE1The above graph is obesity and overweight trends. The graph is dated from 1960 to 2004, including the percentage of kids, teens and adults. Looking at graph 1, there was a period where the trend was a steady, semi- flat line, dating from year 1960 to 1971 and then around 76' it started to increase. As it was mentioned earlier, the Quarter pounder plain and with cheese was added to the menu in 1973 and not soon after it was publicized the obesity rate rose for kids, teenagers and adults aging from 20 -74. Research shows that the unhealthiest meal at McDonald's is the Double Quarter Pounder with cheese. This burger has the highest calorie, fat and sodium content over any sandwich or burger at McDonald's: 740 Calories, 42g of fat in...

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