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Research Paper On Nasa (Thesis And Outline And Work Cited Page).

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When and where are they going?Would you like to travel into outer space or even go the moon? Many people dream of space travel, but you can't just fly there in a jet plane. Jet engines work by using oxygen from the air to burn their fuel. And of course there is little or no oxygen in space depending on where you're headed. Fuel cannot burn without oxygen. The only kind of engine that will work in space is called a rocket engine. This is because it carries its own oxygen supply. This is also where the National Aeronautics and Space Administration netter known as NASA come into play. I bet you were thinking to yourself, "Yes!" I would love to into space, but I bet you don't know all the time, effort, and money that are put toward just one mission. In the precious time you get through reading this paper you will know about NASA and from then and after you will know and be well informed!NASA was founded in 1958 by the Aeronautics and Space Act (NASA) in response to two things: First the Russians launched Sputnik, showing that they had the technology to launch the heavy nuclear weapons of the time on rockets, while humiliating the competing U.S. Army and Navy rocketry labs. Second the competition between Army and Navy, while in the best tradition of Sports, was resulting in duplication of effort. Congress set up NASA to oversee and coordinate American non-military space research. It was fortunate to inherit over a decade of research by the Rocket and Satellite Research Panel and important contributions of the International Geophysical Year. Because of all the vital data that had had been compiled NASA was off to a flying start.Many people wonder why NASA is needed. But many people really don't know how NASA helps mankind. It was hoped by geologists back on Earth that the explorations of the moon would give some hint of the origin of both the moon and the Earth. NASA is working and has done many things to help man. As of right now NASA is studying the character from the movie "Rain Man's" brain.NASA scientists are studying autistic savant Kim Peek, hoping that technology used to study the effects of space travel on the brain will help explain his mental capabilities. He has undergone a series of tests including computerized tomography and magnetic resonance imaging, the results of which will be melded to create a three-dimensional look at his brain structure. He came to the attention of NASA researchers at the Center for Bioinformatics Space Life Sciences at the NASA-AMES Research Center when he spoke in late October at a Rotary Club in central California. NASA also helps to take the Earth's vital signs and become a major force in the campaign to save the planet. Major help in studying the earth's environment is expected to emerge from a project being planned by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Called Mission to Planet Earth, the program would consist of a series of satellite flights designed to monitor the earth with sensitive...

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