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Research Paper On Saddam Hussein The Frisch School Research Paper

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In 1937, Saddam Hussein was born in a mud house in a small Sunni city
in Iraq named Owja. He grew up with his uncle as his father died and
mother couldn't take care of him. Saddam also lived in a dangerous
community where he had to carry an iron bar for safety. This situation of
him having to fend off for himself and not getting any help from his
direct family, shaped his personality of being a paranoid and self-reliant
person. In Saddam’s town, killing people was considered an initiation
toward being recognized as a man which led Saddam to kill four people
and earn this title.
Once he entered manhood, Saddam joined the political party of
Baathism, attempted and `failed to kill the Iraqi prime minister, and ran
away to Egypt and Syria to study law and escape death. After about two
years, the Iraqi leader was successfully killed and the power switched
hands between the Military and Baathists for a while, until Saddam’s
Baathist cousin took over and became president. Then, Saddam served
as an assistant to his cousin until his cousin resigned and Saddam took
over as president.
As a president, Saddam ruled with the ideology of Baathism in
which he claimed included the ideas of freedom and unifying all Arabs.
However, Saddam’s promise of freedom was a sham as he killed many
people within the Baath party for the sheer reason of paranoia and
mistrust. Also, due to the inability to unify with other Arab countries in
the nineteen fifties and sixties, there was hostility between these
countries, and he caused Baathism to become more of a nationalist idea.
Along to ruling the altered ideology of Baathism, Saddam involved
himself in many wars which led to other countries hardening relations
and becoming enemies with Iraq. Concerning the Cold War
(1962-1979), following the Soviet Union’s (USSR) invasion of
Afghanistan, Saddam condemned the USSR leading to the USSR
breaking off shipment of arms to Iraq. This condemnation lowered the
connection between Iraq and the USSR that was originally established
from the mutual opposition to America and the west. Additionally, in
1980, Saddam invaded causing the Iran-Iraq war due to fear of the
predominantly Shiite Iran having influence on Iraqis, and due to the
want for Iranian land. This resulted in eight years of fighting, with
invasions in each country back and forth, until 1988, when both
countries called a cease-fire, after hundreds of thousands of people
perished on both battlefronts. A third war, the Persian Gulf war, was
caused by Saddam’s invasion of the oil fields of Kuwait in 1990. This
war ended horribly for Saddam and Iraq as America came, joined forces
with Kuwait, and ultimately demolished the Iraqis. These three wars led
to America and many of its European and Middle-eastern allies to start
looking down upon Iraq, Saddam Hussein, and his poor and violent
Following these wars, Saddam ruled brutally for ten years
without any real threat from America or any countries despite these
nations’ poor...

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