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Research Paper On Sports

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In my opinion, Magic City should make their casino more tempting and impressive for the risk taking and sensation seeking individuals by introducing a high level of stimulation in the casino and all the way through the foundation. According to an article published in PubMed, the existence and importance of excitement in gambling, the effects of runs of wins and losses on gambling behaviour and the relationships of both with sensation-seeking were investigated using samples of students and experienced gamblers in real and artificial gambling situations. Heart-rate increases, gambling behaviour and events such as 'stake decision time' were recorded as subjects played blackjack. A competition ...view middle of the document...

The customer support service is of high quality which makes the place all the more attractive for the customers. Because people prefer comfort over entertainment.
Another great thing I observed during my stay was that the traffic management was good most of the year with a few exceptions that I have mentioned in the later paragraphs. And the restrooms were clean and you do not have to deal with long lines to go to a restroom. Admittedly, the garages can be quite hot during the summer months, but at least it keeps the sun off of us. The staff is very helpful and the venue is always well-kept.
For a place where the crowd is bound to get riled up and the adrenaline runs too high, the staff is surprisingly good at controlling the crowd. The crowd is kept entertained through different means. Throughout the year, there are always a lot of other events held at the Speedway. You get to see everything from car shows to motorcycle racing at this track.
However, I found certain weaknesses pertaining to the Homestead Miami Speedway. The speakers broke off at times and the voices got muffled inside the garages. This track is so much louder than Daytona. After a few laps the cars are so spread out that it is a constant roar that makes conversations impossible. Make sure to bring ear protection. They can handle the traffic most of the times, but in peak days when the speedway teems with spectators, the traffic management becomes ridiculous. You are funnelled in through limited entrance points, creating much longer entry times than what the infrastructure of roads can handle and are designed for. The traffic gets pretty backed up and can be a real hassle. This is probably the worst aspect of the track. There is plenty of parking and room to tailgate.
The next really big issue is vending. Even if you have got great seats in the front row where the view is spectacular, you still have to face the problem of getting food. The beer vendors are more than what is required, but there is hardly a food vendor in the entire track. This is because probably because of mismanagement. People require food as much as they require a bottle of beer. You could wait in line for, purchase and drink three or four beers, before you could get a hot dog. Forty five minutes plus to get food, less than 5 minutes to get a beer.
Just like Magic City Casino, the major populace that visits the speedway comprises of fifty years old and plus. I see that as a major threat for the speedway because once the older population dies, it is very hard to replace it. The speedway is in dire need to attract a comparatively younger population as their potential customers. The administration should see to it that certain activities should be arranged which would gain the youngsters' attention. Some more hip hop activities like initiating a night club, arranging a concert et cetera is a sure way to get the targeted audience. If Jay-Z or Beyonce, or even something less typical such as a country music...

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