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Research Paper On The Analysis Of Phone Recordings Communications

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Annotated Bibliography
Arruda, William. “How to Write the Perfect LinkedIn Summary.” LinkedIn. N.P., 9 April 2015.
Web. 24 May 2017.
Personal Branding Pioneer, Arruda, explains how crucial it is to have a pristine LinkedIn Summary, and how to achieve the best one. Throughout this article, Arruda explains that your LinkedIn profile is what employers look at in order to learn more about you before they meet your or decide if you are a right fit for their company or product. He supports this claim by sharing some of his findings in a Chitika study that declared “the top three results from a Google search get nearly two-thirds of all the clicks,” and the LinkedIn profiles almost always are at the top of the web page. This article is necessary in my research because understanding how to write summaries is an important aspect of your LinkedIn profile. There are many important findings in this article stating why having a thorough summary is so critical, expressing that leaving it blank is like “trying to build a website without a home page.”
Garriott, Omar. “10 LinkedIn Tips for Students & New Grads.” LinkedIn. N.P., 6 Feb. 2015.
Web. 24 May 2017. new-grads-linkedin-omar-garriott.
This article featured on LinkedIn by Garriott, the Director of Product Marketing, goes over the top key elements to help colleges and students make the most of their LinkedIn profiles to help them be distinct. He touches on the importance of uploading a photo so that the employers can put a face to the name, even stating that profiles with a photo get “14x more views,” gives creative ideas on how to grab the attention of viewers, explains the importance of filing out each section of your profile thoroughly, and describes how to properly display all of your skills and assets to make yourself stand out among the millions of other profiles. Garriott’s findings are valuable for this research paper because it reinforces the importance of LinkedIn and why every college student or graduate should have one, showing a significant statistic stating that “more than 9 in 10 companies use LinkedIn to recruit new hires.” This quantifiable data is helpful to persuade my audience that your summary on LinkedIn is more than just that, it is the heart of your profile.
Gross, Natalie. “Why Your LinkedIn Summary is So Critical.” Noelle Gross Career Strategy.
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This article by Natalie Gross, a reputable motivational speaker specializing on helping people land jobs, presents claims on why “LinkedIn has the power to transform your career and attract incredible life-changing opportunities.” She emphasizes how important your LinkedIn profile summary is in order to catch the eyes of potential employers. Throughout the article, she gives numerous qualitative data to support why your LinkedIn summary is so...

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