Research Paper Over Hemingway's Character Development

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Masterful character development, Hemingway style.Masterful character development, Hemingway style.Ernest Hemingway, one of the most popular and influential writers of all time was a master at making the reader believe the characters portrayed to them are as real as the person next to them. Hemingway went into great detail when developing his characters and he is a true artist for his attention to detail. Each of the characters one reads in a Hemingway piece are as real and true to the reader as a brother or a friend. It is this detail, this mode of storytelling that shows how much of a master writer Hemingway was. A reader must be completely unreachable to not feel a sort of familiarity towards a Hemingway character; this familiar feeling is given because of the time he took to produce, to create each character with his or her own story with his or her own life, completely separate from any other character he created. Hemingway used many methods and many forms to develop his characters such as using the experiences, mental and physical pains, sexuality, gender or even importance to the story to develop these characters, these people we come to know and love.Hemingway forms each character individually by examining their past deeds and experiences. Hemingway characters "learn from experience, and distrust abstract generalizations" meaning that they are adaptive just as every other human on this earth is (Owens, 87). His characters learn from the things in their lives and change accordingly, it is this feel that gives Hemingway's work three dimensions. Hemingway's characters are logical, being "attracted to the concrete and the physical rather than to abstract ideas" this trait gives his characters a logical, intelligent feel (Owens, 87). Some readers believe that Hemingway's characters can be cold and heartless whereas they just tend to believe factual information rather than illogical things. One word to describe Hemingway's characters would be simply pragmatic. They lean towards the sound and sure as opposed to the unsafe. Very rational characters, they believe "in a static objective truth that exists independently" so any one that has read a Hemingway would conclude that it would be useless to argue philosophy to a character of Hemingway's (Owens, 88). Frederic, a character in A FAREWELL TO ARMS exemplifies this trait by "having difficulty generalizing about… war because it is arbitrary and illogical" (Owens, 91). That is just one example of the logical minded character type Hemingway cast for his characters. Hemingway has taken into great detail what his characters think and how they feel about their surroundings and environment. However these characters are not emotionless, quite the contrary actually, some see love, a rather illogical feeling "on the same plane as … other bodily necessities" so they do not question raw emotion but rather embrace it to their own as much as eating or sleeping (Owens, 95). Not one author, alive or...

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