Research Paper: Progression Of Addiction

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Research Paper: Progression of Addiction

In the modern world, a lot people abuse drugs because they could not deal with the pressure from the society; instead of stay positive and solve the problems, they pursue liberation in a depraved way. People are too naïve and uninformed about progression of addiction. Most of them think they can use drug without become an addict.
Addiction is the fact or condition of being dependent to a particular substance, things or activity (Oxford 74). Drug uses progresses to addiction when people no longer do it for enjoyment but do it so they can feel like themselves. If a man cannot live a day ...view middle of the document...

The research shows rates of addiction to drugs are on a rise, the number of people who are living with some type of addiction has been increasing dramatically over the past 30 years; over 50 percent of young adult between 18 and 21 admitted to using drugs. The addicts group has a tendency of becoming younger in age, a research of Medical News in 2011 shows 28 percent of 8th graders admit to smoking marijuana; over 30 percent of the high school student use marijuana regularly. The article believes smoking marijuana is the first step toward addiction for more severe drugs. Not only the “common drugs” we know, addiction to prescription drug is also a rising issue among teenagers. For young adults, it is more convenient to get prescription drugs because over 60 percent of American family has at least one member uses addicting drugs such as OxyContin and Vicodin prescribed by a physician. Recently, prescription drugs become so popular that using prescription drugs for none-medical purpose is approximately the same rate as using marijuana among people between 12 to 21. These prescription drugs should be kept safely by the adult they are prescribed for so that they are not abused by the teenagers.
Addiction has also became a social issue; an report from office of justice shows 90 percent of muggings and property crime are related to drugs, 70 percent of all crimes involving violence were...

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