Research Paper: The Impact Of Technology On Student Learning In Physical Education

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This research paper will discuss the information compiled from my literature review on the impact of technology on student learning in Physical Education. Thesis statement: Technology impacts student learning by motivating students to remain focused and physically engaged for longer durations in Physical Education. I will discuss factors influencing the topic, shifts in perspectives, basic assumptions that have guided this work, how the trend is being studied, and existing gaps in research and how filling those gaps would improve my profession.

What factors or beliefs have influenced the way that topic has been studied?
Factors that have influenced the topic of the use of technology in Physical Education include; improvements in activity based technology and the need to improve a decline in student physical activity. Educators today must realize that their students have never known life without advanced technology (video games, cell phones and wireless internet access). This changes the way that our students respond to information we share with them. For a long time, technology was limited to Desktop computers in the classroom. New advancements have made technology available now in a physical education setting. Examples; wireless capability, projection systems, interactive video gaming, heart rate monitors, iPad’s, and iPod’s. (Thompson, 2008) So even with activity based instruction like physical education, lessons can be delivered in a technologically based language.
Another factor in teaching physical education is the epidemic of overweight and obese students. An increase in daily screen time and a decrease in minutes of physical activity for our students have changed the dynamic of the traditional Physical Education classroom. More Physical Education programs are implementing technology based interventions are used to increase and monitor student activity in Physical Education. These interventions have become popular in recent years as a means to motivate students to participate in physical education class (Partridge, 2011).
Identify the shifts in perspectives
For a long time there was resistance to using technology in Physical Education due to convenience and lack of knowledge of its benefits. A shift in perspective of using technology in physical education has been influenced by published case studies, research projects, survey data, and position statements by Physical Education national organizations and presentations at Physical Education conferences on the topic. The data shows that students respond to technology in a positive way which improves student engagement. Also educators can deliver lessons and assess student progress more efficiently.

What are the basic assumptions that have guided this work?
The basic assumption that has guided this work is that traditional physical education classroom needed to be technologically updated like its academic counterpart. Lessons need to be engaging enough for technologically...

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