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Research Paper: Why Isabel Allende’s Literature Should Be Studied In College?

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Christian Vele​​​​​​
English composition II
Professor Sinopoli​​​​​​​
Research paper

Why Isabel Allende’s works of literature should be studied in college?
​Isabel Allende is a writer that offers the reader a different writing style. Isabel has had experiences that no other writer has had. Isabel has been able to use her imagination to tell her personal life in a way that is appealing to the reader. Isabel is a Chilean that was born in Peru. When asked about her childhood, she described it as “absolutely miserable”; even though her childhood was “miserable” she succeeded and became one of the most influential Latin American writers (Bertodano). Isabel’s works of literature have ...view middle of the document...

Like every other book in her portfolio, “The House of Spirits” shows magic realism. The way Isabel uses magical realism encouraged readers to compare her with Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Gabriel Garcia Marquez is a novel prize winner. She did not like being compared to Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Isabel’s writing style was different from Gabriel’s in that she used her personal life to create “fictional stories” whereas Gabriel used events that were happening at that time. Even though Isabel showed in her book examples of what was going on at that time in some South American countries, publishers in South America refused to publish her first novel “The House of the Spirits”, which later on became a worldwide bestseller.
​Before president Salvador Allende was killed. Chile was on its way to becoming a communist country, at least that’s what the CIA thought. The United States supported the overthrow of Salvador Allende, since the United States is a democratic government. Chile became a country ruled by Pinochet. Isabel Allende contributes not only to literature; but she also contributes to Chile’s history. Some of her works show an insight of what Chileans had to suffer after Chile became a country ruled by a dictator. Isabel teaches young adults what the United States have done in the name of democracy. Isabel wrote on her book “My Invented Country”; “to give an idea of what the military coup was like, you have to imagine how a citizen of the United States or Great Britain would feel if their army rolled up in full battle gear to attack the White House or Buckingham palace.” Many U.S. citizens ignore the actions that the government has taken in the name of democracy. History is used to make human beings base their actions on past experiences. Isabel has used words that express what really happened in Chile.
​Isabel’s life did not improve in Venezuela. Even though Isabel stopped getting death threats, she was not living the dream. Despite the fact that Isabel was a successful journalist in Chile, it was very difficult for her to find a job in Venezuela. In Pinochet’s government newspapers, television companies, and radio stations were controlled by the militia. Isabel’s exile helped her become the writer she is. She said in one of her interviews; "Without the military coup I would have remained in Chile, I would still be a journalist and probably a happy one. In exile literature gave me a voice, it rescued my memories from the curse of oblivion, and it enabled me to create a universe of my own." Venezuela gave Isabel an opportunity to express herself liberally. Isabel was motivated to write fiction. It was the only way to remember and get something valuable from the atrocities that happened during Pinochet’s government.
Isabel is a feminist writer who works with her creativity to fight for women’s rights. Some reasons that led her to be an advocate for women’s rights were seeing her mom raise three children by herself when her dad abandoned them....

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