Cultural Practices Between Men And Women In Nigeria

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Creative Media Industries are swiftly shifting its focus to solely digital media and opportunities for creative writers are paid no attention but a Canada-based Nigerian scholar at the thirty first yearly covention of the Association of Nigerian Authors, points out that “writers are the world’s window into a culture” Adesanmi (2013). Novelists, biographers, historians, scriptwriters, and more recently, bloggers are the constant that record and catalogue the culture, norms and trends of a particular period or people.
Through creative writing the culture of a group of people is revealed and documented. This project is a collection of fictional short stories, it is titled Cold Heart and Other Stories. The theme of these stories will revolve around emotional and domestic abuse on women, the stories are a reflection of the everyday lives of young Nigerian females as they, in the words of Nadaswaran(2012), “mature into their understanding of personhood as ‘woman’”.
As a collection of short stories written from the point of view of a Nigerian female, this research portfolio will unravel how women in domestic and emotional abuse are potrayed in African literature, “literature as a creative activity projects those deeply ingrained and relatively enduring patterns of thought, feeling and behaviour of the society from which it is drawn”.(Kolawole 2005: 9). It will also explain the significance of using the short story form as a narrative technique, shed light on the output/dissemination of the finished piece, address the ethics to be considered and figure out the timeframe and resources required to complete the project.

Milech & Schilo (2005) address the problem a lot of creative students encounter in post graduate research, “can practice-based work in the creative and media arts be research?” Observations and discussions based on their shared experience as supervisors and examiners have led to their adopting what they call the “Research Question Model” which is tailored specifically for creative and production-based research theses. This model enables research students define their topic as a research question that provides the means for them to explore how that topic or question has been varyingly addressed by artists, producers and theorists.
Research for this project aims to address the following points:
• Consequences of emotional and domestic abuse upon the modern Nigerian woman.
• The creative writer’s role in capturing the experiences of women subjected to said abuse and using it as a medium for behavioural change.
• Illuminating the theory of the…single story. The video (TED, 2009)
Emotional and domestic abuse are the most rampant forms of abuse of women- for the purpose of this project- by their intimate partners and family members. The Nigerian modern woman, for instance Gwendolyn from Buchi Emecheta’s The Family (1990) fully becomes a “woman” through a traumatic experience, rape. However, Packota(2000)...

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