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Outline Of My Writing Project: 5 Short Stories Of Women Who Go From A Painful Experience To Personal Growth

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My goal for this project is to create a collection of five short stories about young women who have had to grow from a painful experience and transform into a whole new person and my decision to use short stories instead of a novel or another form of prose is because short stories are can be read at one sitting and Carolyn Lee suggests that, “because of its brevity…the short story can be read…without the intervention of ordinary life; and this single focus usually engenders a heightened aesthetic arousal”(2009). I want to share the message of the consequences of domestic and emotional abuse in the modern Nigerian woman and short stories offers a unique type of experience that I want my reader to have.
Female authors form a well-defined group in Nigerian prose fiction, important authors include, Buchi Emecheta, Zaynab Alkali, Flora Nwapa and in more recent times, Sefi Atta and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. A large portion of their works is evidently a reaction to how women are potrayed in male authored prose fiction, in those stories, the female characters are depicted as weaklings and properties of men to be used as they deemed fit. Female authors have decided to shoot down the pattern, designed a different image of womanhood where women are allowed to make their own choices and become their own person and “narratives are biological empathy machines” (Nair 2011), it allows the creative writer step into the mind of people and share that mental journey with more people in form of fiction so that a community grows in the shared knowledge.
The emphasis is on ‘narrative’ and not story, the proposed project is a collection of short stories the method used in the production of the pieces will be the narrative form. Investigations report that the three fundamental items in prose writing; plot, narrative and plot, are very separate but combine perfectly, Paul Cobley explains it in detail:
“Put very simply, ‘story’ is the chain of all the events which are to be depicted. ‘Plot’ is the chain of causation which dictates that these events are somehow linked and that they are therfore to be depicted in relation to each other. ‘Narrative’ is the showing or the telling of these events and the mode selected for that to take place” (2001: 5-6)

For the purpose of the project, the themes in the stories require a literary flow to it that bares all corners of narrative, one that gives it all way so that the reader can feel the emotions and this is a characteristic of a Homeric narrative, “nothing must remain hidden and unexpressed…with an orderliness which even passion does not disturb…what they do not say to others, they speak in their own minds so that the reader in informed of it”...

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