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In preparing to make an organizational decision, a manager ought to apply effort researching the topic they are pondering. When performing research, a manager can consider reports of quantitative or qualitative nature. Plano Clark and Creswell (2010) show research is essentially problem solving which managers carry out on a daily basis. Gaining a firm understanding of the topic at hand through research based on statistics, best practices, or a review of literature will aid in directing a manager’s decision process.
Quantitative Report
Simply stated, a quantitative report presents data that can be expressed in numerical format (SUNY, n.d.). The report on brand parity perception by ...view middle of the document...

The report authors conducted comprehensive interviews on limited number of organizational leaders to verify their responses to help provide recommendations for developing organizational leaders (Wahat, Krauss, & Othman, 2013).
Five Major Sections of Research
Consistency in research is varied, but in general, a decent research report will include several common elements in a similar order. Plano Clark and Creswell (2010) provide a chart of the research process that they provide seven steps for. The course assignment asks that five major sections common to most reports be assigned to the steps in the research process. The opening paragraphs will likely appear in the first step where an introduction of the topic is presented; the problem and evidence to support the problem as well as the need to consider the problem are relayed (Plano Clark & Creswell, 2010).
The background and overview of literature is step two of the research process (Plano Clark & Creswell, 2010). In this step a researcher may select the literature that they want to use as resources to support their problem developed or to reflect the need to look deeper into a problem (Plano Clark & Creswell, 2010). A brief review of the material from the sources in literature is provided as a foundation of knowledge for the audience’s benefit.
Step four is where authors present the method they will use to carry out their research (Plano Clark & Creswell, 2010). This section will vary depending on the type of report, quantitative or qualitative. A quantitative report may show how many people made up the sample for data collection, how the data was collected, and what information was being asked from the sample (Plano Clark & Creswell, 2010). A qualitative report may or may not have a sample of people to interview but will likely reflect the theories and literature impacting the report.
The results compose step five of the research process (Plano Clark & Creswell, 2010). The results section will display graphs or charts of numerical data if a report is quantitative or possibly in a qualitative...

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