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Research Process Essay

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A Relationship Between Salaries and WinningMajor League Baseball is a sport that is adorned by many fans all over the globe. It is a league that consists of 30 Major League teams, with each team needing time and money to recruit the best players for each of the franchises to ultimately produce the most wins in a season. Each team wants to recruit players to build a winning team and be able to win the World Series, but at what cost? The dilemma with most, if not all, teams is do they have to spend more money in salaries to win more games.The goal of major league baseball teams is to be the best in the league by winning the most games each year. The problem with some teams is that they are not willing to pay the salaries that are required to attract the talent that is needed to win games. Some teams seem to believe that they can make more money by keeping the salaries low, but the teams that win fill the stands and sell more merchandise thus increasing their profits. The objective of this study is determine whether there is a relationship between the annual salaries paid to players and the number of games a major league baseball team wins each season.The problem that exists is that every baseball organization and the fans of the team want to see their team win the most games in a season, but there seems to be a relationship between the annual salaries and the number of games won. This study is intended to show that if the baseball organizations wish to attract the needed talent that is required to win, they need to be willing to raise their spending cap and increase the salaries they are willing to pay. By comparing the salaries that the teams pay with the number of games won each season there should be seen a relationship between the salaries and the games won.This study can be an important tool for the decision makers of the major league organizations that truly have a desire to be winners. The effect of having a team that wins games will be; increases in fan attendance and increases in sales of team merchandise resulting in increased profit. The increased profits will allow a team to spend more money to attract more talented players. Understanding the relationship between salaries and winning will help baseball organizations become the leaders in their league.The most significant question that will be answered by this research is if the annual salaries paid to players; based on their ability to win the game or the number of games a major league baseball team can win each season. Certainly there is something that motivates owners of baseball teams that is ultimately mysterious. One could wonder if the owner prefers a winning team; if an "A" team list is assembled and players invited to spring training what motivation could be spoken to encourage each player to give 100% without a salary to match. Surely owners could not suggest to team players to give only 90% because the team can only have a certain amount of wins for the season. A good player...

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