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Research Process Paper

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Running head: RESEARCH PROCESS PAPERResearch Process PaperDawn SpenceUniversity of PhoenixRES / 341: Research and Evaluation 1Dr. Michael ThirtleAugust 18, 2008Many individuals seeking to obtain a higher education would like to know if it will benefit them financially in the years to follow. Students choose to attend college or trade schools for many different reasons. One of the greatest reasons for academic pursuits may be an expectation of future financial security and as a result of earning a higher education degree or diploma.In a continuing endeavor by our learning team, we will determine if the difference in the wages from our sample population of 30 men and women, with various levels of education, in fact, makes a difference of earning potential. This report will compare the monetary value of an education, and the achievement of a high school diploma or college degree, by comparing the relationship between level of education and earnings in 2005. Average annual earnings are also influenced by work experience, however, for the purpose of this report the focus will remain on educational value.Current trends in technology have favored a more educated and skilled worker. Because of this, wages among working adults with higher educational success have increased. In the interim, labor unions and the minimum wage jobs have consistently declined, leading to a decrease in the income of less educated workers.Which leads us to determine" If salary earning or income is related to individual education levels, then will people who further their education have a higher earning success in the workplace."On average, the 15 data subjects with the lowest annual income earned, approximately $12,732 annually based on a mean of 12 years of schooling or less, the 15 highest paid individuals earned a combined annual income of $63,239 with a standard of 15 years or more of education, that is a difference of $50,507 dollars between the two groups. The significant distinction in relative earnings brought about by educational achievement may be on account for a demand for a skilled workforce. Over a lifetime, the expected earning of a four-year college graduate is $800,000 more than the expected earning of a high school graduate (Robinson, 2000). Among people who are not high school graduates, the amount of income earned per week would deem them more likely to need public assistance.The research hypothesis for this paper is based on how education is related to higher salaries and how people with some college experience will have a higher frequency of obtaining higher pay. After researching the topic, it was deemed that there could be three possible outcomes that could result in the studies of education versus higher salaries. They are that more males will be proven to be educated in association of high salaries; the number of years with experience may play a role in maintaining high salaries; and the individuals who...

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