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November 9 was a fairly uneventful day for the president, and not a lot of it was recorded. There were, however, things going on behind his back. A Miami police informant, William Somersett, met with Joseph Milteer, a right-wing racist activist, and secretly recorded Milteer’s conversation as the man unexpectedly defined Kennedy’s assassination. An article written on this said, “The tape, later turned over to Miami police, recorded Milteer as saying, ‘[During Kennedy's impending visit to Miami] You can bet your bottom dollar he is going to have a lot to say about the Cubans, there are so many of them here . . . The more bodyguards he has, the easier it is to get him . . . From an office ...view middle of the document...

This plan did not ultimately work, and the Cubans crushed the invasion. This attack had a huge impact on Kennedy’s administration, and made any sort of attempted future relationship with Cuba edgy at best. Although the Bay of Pigs incident happened during the first year of Kennedy’s presidency, much mystery surrounds just how intense the tension with Cuba and Fidel Castro grew. Part of a book written on this subject speaks of the front page of a Miami Herald that came out on this Sunday, November 10, two years after the Bay of Pigs Incident. It says, “In fact, in a front-page Miami Herald headline story on November 10, 1963 (just twelve days before the assassination), captioned “War in Cuba: Fidel Battling an Iceberg,” the reporter, Al Burt, quoting unnamed sources of his in the Cuban exile community, wrote that “recent events make it undeniable that a secret war is being waged against Fidel Castro.” Saying that “the full size and scope of the war has not yet being revealed,” he analogized it to an iceberg, “the part that shows only hints at the part that doesn’t…What is known reveals a well-organized and equipped military operation that… keeps opposition alive inside the island…Sources point out that the war stepped up its place in the last three months.” Burt also said that on October 21, 1963, “the Cuban Armed forces captured an armed band of infiltrators” who admitted that their mission was to “prepare the people for (an) armed uprising.” If Burt’s sources are correct, the operation referred to virtually had to have been with U.S. knowledge and support.” This obviously raises questions as to how deeply the heat between the two countries was growing. How much was Kennedy involved in if any at all? Would this heat perhaps melt the chill of the Cold War and bring real battle? Or perhaps would the Cubans try to eliminate their threat quickly and quietly? These mysteries would have to be answered in the future. Kennedy probably went to bed that Sunday night with these questions and more wandering restlessly through his head.

It was Veteran’s Day, November 11, and the President flew back to Washing D.C. that morning. He was warmly greeted by the Commanding General of the Military District of Washington, the Superintendent of Arlington National Cemetery, and...

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