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Research Project Essay

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The City of Culture is a cultural center that was created for the Province of Galicia in northwestern Spain. Its design is adopted from three different sets of information. First, the street plan of the medieval center of Santiago is overlaid on a topographic map of the site, which overlooks the city. Second, a modern grid is placed over the medieval routes. Third, through the use of modeling software, the hillside’s topography is allowed to distort the two flat geometries, which will generate a surface that repositions old and new in a way that has never been seen before.
Construction is very challenging and very costly as the building designs require high degree contours, meant to make the buildings look like rolling hills. Almost every window has its own specific shape. In 2013 it was announced that after more than a decade, construction of the project would be stopped.
The House VI, also called the Frank Residence, is a building created by Peter Eisenman. It was started in 1972 and was finished in 1975. Unlike other buildings, this one uses a very unconventional architectural form. It has disorientation in the work without relating it to what is considered the traditional home. The house was designed for Mr. and Mrs. Richard Frank. They both shared great admiration for Eisenman’s work despite him previously being known as a “paper architect” and theorist. Because of their admiration, they decided to give Eisenman a chance. Although it took three years of difficult work, Eisenman’s House VI became known as one of the most renowned, and hard, building to have been made in the United States.
The design for his house emerged from a conceptual process that began with a grid. He manipulated the grid in such a way so that the house would be divided into four sections and when the building would be completed it could be a “record of the design process.” Therefore, structural elements were revealed so the construction...

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