Research Project On How Part Time Work Affects Students Academic Achievement.

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Analyse How Part-Time Work Affects College Students Academic AchievementHere is an analysis of how part-time work effects college students between the ages of sixteen and eighteen and their academic achievement. Could the increase of teenage students with part-time work be hindering the academic achievement in our colleges today? It seems that it is the material world that is exposed more and more daily to today's teenagers and through this, swaying them to feel the need to work through education to pay for such teenage necessities as trainers etc but is this affecting their academic work?There are many factors of work, which may influence the result or this study: Different types of work may effect a students academic achievement due to whether the job is demanding or not and if it is, to what extent. The class of the student may effect their academic performance, as depending on their class they may feel more need to work or need or have to work long hours to help support their family. The amount of work a student does may also affect achievement as they may work long hours, which may affect their work differently to shorter hours. A person's sex may also affect their achievement in college, as a certain sex may be more organised and though they both might work, one may organise their time better as to when they do their out of class work. Age may play a role as certain students may have more experience than others, which may result in them knowing how to handle their time better. Whether or not students have received careers advice may also affect the result, as ones that have may act in a certain way to those that haven't. It may be a factor that certain ethnic groups may tent to work more or less than others, thus again affecting college work. The lifestyle of a student may also play a part in the result as students may be working to support a social life where they worked to buy tickets for clubs for example or to buy music, make-up, etc. these are all personal needs that are not necessarily necessary.I have chosen to analyse how part-time work effects students' education, as it interests me and maybe I myself may learn something valuable from this study. I think this study will involve me in seeing how the average student thinks and what their view on the subject is. This study will be very involved and because of the many factors that may influence my result I feel it will cover many interesting points. I may discover whether the stereotypical views people have on the subject are right or not. I think this study will be very in-depth and I am sure I will have a lot to write about on the subject. I think the result of this study may be interesting and I shall learn a great deal from it. I am myself employed and as a 19 year old and in my second year at university, I feel I have n insight into what it is like to be employed and be in full time education as I have done so since the age of 16. Through this my opinion may be biased.In an ALIS...

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