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Research Project: The Sociology Of A Healthy Lifestyle.

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It seems that living a healthy lifestyle is the new rising trend of the 21st century. From the countless varieties of health product we can find lining our grocer's shelves, to all these descriptive ads we see everywhere we go, evidence of a growing demand for health related products and services is apparent. Whether it is organic food, diet pills, fitness centers, or any other of a seemingly endless number of possibilities, businesses would not turn out such products or services in the absence of an intersecting demand by consumers. This can clearly demonstrate that consumers are taking a more responsible role in the selection of their lifestyle.In our study, we explored the consumer's behavior towards the three most common methods that promote a healthy lifestyle - diet, exercise and medication. Under the "Diet" section, we discussed issues in relation with the two popular groups of diets, vegans and Atkins. Then, we went into the sociology behind why people join fitness and health clubs. Finally, we looked into the implications and impact of medicine on our new definition of a healthy lifestyle.We concluded that consumers have taken on a new meaning of a healthy lifestyle with less emphasis on cutting back and more emphasis on taking positive steps to create a healthy, balanced lifestyle. There are numbers of trends that influence today's meaning of healthy lifestyle. They are advancement of technology, aging world population, time shortage, increasing women in the workplace, and other demographic trends. More importantly, we found that advertising plays a major role in appealing to individuals, in making people see the ideal person that they want to be, and what is accepted by society. Throughout our study, many consumer behavior models and theories have been identified. Some of these models and theories include the motivation theories, the buyer behavior model, cognitive consistency theories, self- perception theory, and instrumental conditioning.Demographics.In all of the advanced countries of the world, the population is aging. Age can be a direct factor that influences an individual's value toward living a healthy lifestyle. As an individual becomes older, deterioration of their body will become increasingly noticeable. This decline will act as a stimulus and drive the individual to become more and more aware of their lifestyle and its impact on their health and appearance. Individuals will make changes to their lifestyle motivated by their desire to improve their health. Also, technology has proven that there is a definitive connection between a diet that is high in fat and with obesity, coronary heart diseases and colorectal tumors. Consequently, consumers are now more concerned about their own health in order to reduce their potential of developing health problems attributed to a poor health lifestyle. Today's rising trend for moving towards healthy living is evident from consumers' choices in food, fitness exercise, and medical...

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