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In “Orca Encounters,” Isabelle Groc provides various perspectives on the effects of human interaction with wild orcas, raising the question of why these fascinating animals are captivated from their natural habitat to provide humans with entertainment at theme parks, such as Sea World. The main issue this starting text explores is about the consequences that orcas and humans face when we decide to interfere with nature. Our interference, or lack of, can bring inefficiencies that result in the suffering of these innocent animals. The article informs us that these animals thrive on interaction with their families and that being isolated from their groups leads them to create new bonds with other beings. This creates dangers to both the orcas and humans involved. The article provides excellent information on the implications of these interactions when the animals are in the wild, however I want to research about these same interactions once the animals have been affected by the stresses of captivity. A brief research of this topic tells me that captivity harms these animals in irreversible ways. The sole captures of these creatures are traumatic and incredibly violent. Following this experience, the animals are confined to small tanks where they are then forced to learn and practice menial tricks to please the millions of people that pay to see these intelligent creatures perform. This topic is very important because the way we treat and care for these animals has an impact on the food chain and subsequently, the lives of many creatures on Earth. Word Count: 253

Groc, Isabelle. “Orca Encounters.” Becoming an Active Reader: A Complete Resource for Reading and Writing. Don Mills: OUP, 2013. 159-62. Print
"Abusement Parks" Harm Marine Mammals." USA Today Magazine 138.2779 (2010): 15. Academic Search Premier. Web. 12 Nov. 2013. This article explains the living conditions that harm marine mammals and how they lead to the violent acts displayed by orcas in captivity. The text includes the example of the death of a trainer from Sea World and how depression, isolation, and boredom contribute to the actions of these animals. I could use this text to provide further examples of how captivity brings out the violent nature in orcas and how this could pose dangers to humans.
Blackfish. Dir. Gabriela Cowperthwaite. Perf. Magnolia Pictures, 2013. DVD. This documentary provides raw footage of several attacks of orcas while in captivity. The film provides the perspective of this multi-billion dollar industry and their treatment of these animals in a persuasive manner. By using information from this film I can shine a new light on this industry and how it affects the people that come into contact with these beautiful sea creatures.
"The Killer in the Pool." Outside Online. n.d. Web. 12 Nov. 2013. . This non-scholarly article goes into much detail about...

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