Research Proposal: A Commentary On Child Abuse Ang Neglect

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The word “care” seems to be one of the most frequently used terms in the literature related to four sections of people mainly- women, children, people with disability and the elderly. Among these sections, young persons are thought to be of vital importance pertaining to the varied conventional notions of them as “future” of the society.
‘Care’, in Bubeck’s (1995) words is ‘an emotional state or an activity or a combination of the two’. She defines it in two aspects:
o Caring about-( the emotional state)
o Caring for – (the activity)
As long as we conceive young persons as in need of care, the issue of neglect and abuse cannot be understood without considering the aspect put forth by ...view middle of the document...

For this purpose, individual households, relationships, socialization and adolescent well being is taken into account.
The convention highlights the double role of children as being citizens with right, entitlements and at the same time as being dependant on their families. Unlike many other initiatives, the UNCRC makes it very clear that children’s well-being today is important in its own right (not in an aspiration for the future prospects merely). The child-well-being index seeks to represent the following seven domains of children’s lives
• Health
• Subjective well-being
• Personal relationships
• Material resources
• Education
• Behaviour and risks
• Housing and the environment

So getting from well-being to the maltreatment of young people may involve the use of violence (of one kind or a combination of different types of violence). Violence can be seen as an impediment to the above stated concerns of the lives of young persons. It can be either considered as a health issue, or a developmental outcome which must be prevented in a view to affirm well-being and equity among all social-beings. And in the case of Child abuse and neglect, it can be portrayed as a community concern. Each community has a legal and moral obligation to promote the safety and well-being of children, which has its roots in responding and persistently trying to prevent child maltreatment.
With an understanding of the problematic conceptualization of children in childhood in academia, policies and development discourses, the proposed study aims to address them as 'young persons' rather than 'human becoming', 'high risk' category, vulnerable section, innocent beings, in need of care. It will look into how certain forms of adult-centered conceptualization of young people’s lives and actions may be a part and parcel of the socialization and gendering processes.
The different stakeholders in this regard include the individual household, educational institutions, neighbourhood/community, workplace (if any), law enforcements. And not discarding the importance of state-structured legal measure as an important cohort for addressing and preventing violence against young persons, it is argued that the role of each community in rendering legal and moral obligation to promote the safety and well-being of children, which has its roots in responding and persistently trying to prevent child maltreatment.
A prominent stream of research has addressed the conceptualization and measurement of child well-being and the construction of child well-being indices, says the group of authors Moore, Theokas, Lippman, BLoch, Vandivere and O'Hare (2008) in their seminal work. The present study extends this and goes on to argue that violence of different forms are one of the most significant impediments in attaining the particular level of socio-economic and cultural life that is parallel to an escalation of the levels of the child-well-being indices.


Responding to children...

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