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Research Proposal: Eating Breakfast And Weight Loss

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Introduction and Background
Almost two out of three adults are obese or overweight, and more than half of the young children are not active enough to have potential risk for obesity (King, 2013). Obesity has already become one of the most significant public health issues in the entire world. Research has mentioned that obesity could lead to the many risks for premature mortality and numerous chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes mellitus, osteoarthritis, coronary heart diseases, hypertension, and decreased life expectancy, and it could affect an individuals’ social and psychological status. People who have obesity are also more likely to experience bias, discrimination, and reduce quality of life (King, 2013). Numerous strategies have been proposed to manage obesity. Energy intake plays a key role in managing obesity and weight loss. Some people opt to eat one or two meals per day which may not be a healthy way of losing weight.
Breakfast is often said to be the most important meal of the day. Eating a good breakfast can reduce the total energy, carbohydrate, and fat ingested over a long day, which a sufficient healthy breakfast can be conducive to change the portion size ingested at lunch and dinner in order to cut off calories (De Castro, 2007). Some researchers mentioned that increasing breakfast intake could help to decrease weight easier compared to those who did not eat breakfast (Schusdziarra et al., 2011). Choosing what type of breakfast to eat is important when individuals want to have access to controlling weight. Vander et al. (2008) said that the egg breakfast could enhance the efficiency of weight loss with an energy-deficit diet. However, some individuals still don’t believe eating more in the morning can lead to the weight loss. Some researchers even argue that there isn’t any studies that truly support that eating breakfast can help individuals to lose weight. Instead, studies that have been conducted on the matter generally find that skipping breakfast has little to no effect on weight gain or loss, and that people who eat breakfast are simply consuming more calories (Brown et al., 2013).

Literature Review
In recent years, an increasing number of researchers have suggested that eating breakfast could burn calories to prevent obesity. Eating breakfast will allow adults to be more active during the day, and increase the energy levels (Schusdziarra et al., 2011). There are numerous benefits associated with eating breakfast on time including weight management and a boost to one’s physical and mental energy throughout the day. For athletes who exercise early in the morning, a high-quality post- exercise breakfast plays an important role in recovery (Cho, et al, 2003). Previous cross-sectional studies have shown that children who eat breakfast in the morning perform better on tests and have longer attention spans.
On the aspect of weight loss, eating breakfast is a...

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