Research Proposal: Human Resource Management And Training Programme

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Of course, new employees, and in fact all employees, are crucially important in maintaining the viability, growth and development of the Company.
[about.comInternships: The Top Ten Work Values Employers Look For by Penny Loretto]
New employees, who have been assisted and who have been encouraged to be enthusiastic and actively involved in Company policies and ethics, are an invaluable asset to the Company.
In order to maximize the input of these new employees, HR must devise training strategies to motivate them about their new jobs.
New employees must be motivated to grow and to learn, and be interested in keeping up with new developments and knowledge in their field. Opportunity for career development within the organization is what encourages employees to remain loyal. Of course the organization will stay ahead of its competitors when it provides for its employees learning of new skills, techniques, methods, and/or theories through professional development of their field; it will also make employees’ jobs more interesting and exciting. Keeping up with current changes in the field is vital for success and increased job security.
New employees must be encouraged to be self – motivated. When employees are encouraged to require very little supervision and direction in performing their allotted tasks, when they are encouraged to do so on time and in a professional manner they will reap rewards. Self-motivated employees understand their responsibilities, and they will do it without any prodding from others. Employers, in return, offer a safe, supportive, work environment which provide employees with an opportunity to learn and grow. Employees will gain a better sense of accomplishment and increased self-esteem when they are in a supportive work environment which encourages them to take the initiative to be self-directive.
Self-confidence has been recognized as the key ingredient between someone who is successful and someone who is not. A self – confident person is someone who inspires others. A self-confident person is not afraid to ask questions on topics where he or she feels more knowledge is needed. They feel little need to have to impress others with what they know since they feel comfortable with themselves and don’t feel they need to know everything.
The self-confident person does what he/she feels is right and is willing to take risks. Self-confidence in one’s ability is willing to work on the latter. Self-confident people have faith in themselves and their abilities which is manifested in their positive attitude and outlook on life.
Professionalism in employees is highly valued; this entails learning all aspects of a job and doing it to the best of one’s ability. Taking pride in one’s behavior and appearance means that one looks, speaks and dresses in a professional manner. Projects are completed as quickly as possible and there are no back-logs to clutter up the smooth-running of the...

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