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Research Proposal Management Issues Relating To The Introduction Of Android Systems

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Android is considered as the modern mobile platform, which is mainly designed to be open. All the application of android make use of the software as well as hardware, along with local and serve the data, which is exposed by the platform, in order to bring the innovation and value towards the consumers (Allen, 2011).
In order to save that value, it is important that the platform must offer application environment, which provides the assurance about the user security, device, network and applications. Android is mainly developed for the developers and the security control of the android are designed for the purpose of reducing the burden from the developers.
Security which is the open platform in android needs security architecture, which is robust along with various other security programs. Android was mainly designed through the multi-layered security that gives the flexibility, which requires the support of the open platform and that gives protection to all the users of the platform (Allen, 2011). Android users are provided with the visibility about, how the application work and try to control over other applications. Security design of android includes all the expectations, which could be attempted in order to perform the common attacks, which force the users to install the malware. Android is capable in reducing the probability of all these attacks and even try to limit the impacts of these cyber attacks (Pacchiella, 2013).
Research Background
It is important part of the current business environment to be up to date with the latest technological changes within the environment. It refers to set of management system through which the organizations are managing their technological fundamentals for the creation of competitive advantage.
The management of Android technology was the most important part as it was developed by Google without having a vertical integration process to implement the technology in their own product so it was a difficult task to provide standard software for other vendors which could help in managing their products in efficient way (Pacchiella, 2013).
The main purpose of managing the technology is in term of its use as the more the complex will be the technology; there will be fewer chances of its usage by the customers. So, the main focus of the development of Android technology was to provide integrated operating system with user friendly interface so that customers could manage it easily.
The security programs are designed for the reduction of burdens from developers which provide protection for all the users of platform which is the major element of the development of the most secured software (Pacchiella, 2013). It can be said that it is the integrated planning, designing, optimization, operations and the control for the technological products such as the Android technology, processes and services for the human advantage and the main purpose of the development and management of the operating system...

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