Research Proposal: Sustainable Tourism In Andalusia

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1. INTRODUCTION.This assignment is focused on presenting an original research proposal about the extent in which a sustainable tourism industry is viable in Andalusia. Firstly, the reasons why research proves to be a worthwhile and interesting project will be discussed into this field, paying particular attention to the positive and negative effects of tourism on the environment and the economy and if the sustainable tourism industry is possible in Andalusia. Secondly, the possible literature sources and the issues which have already been researched will be analysed. Gaps in existing literature will be highlighted, and questions relating to the purpose of this research and the conceptual context will be set. Moreover, the research methods that will be used as well as their validity will be discussed in relation to the research questions. Finally, the time and resource constraints will be presented in a time schedule.2. PURPOSE OF THE RESEARCH.The tourist activity has developed in such spectacular way in the past decades. Hence it is being referred to as a phenomenon.Tourism is of vital importance to many countries because it represents a fundamental source in its overall balance of payments and for many developing countries it is one of the few activities that have the possibility of becoming a competitive business contributor to their economical development.The development of traditional tourism has generated a model of an extensive growth based on the constant increase in the number of visitors (independent of tourist reception limit of the territory) and the urgency for short term benefits. The incentive is a trivial, consumist, and basic offer, with a small or even non committal to the culture and local traditions. One of the consequences of this trend is the appearance of very strong environmental pressure, which causes important damages on the environment. It is about an unsustainable model, which has persisted for four decades. (Fullana & Ayuso, 2002)However, since the beginning of the 90's, many alternatives have been formulated in order to apply the basic principles of the sustainability to tourism. They are formulations based on the search for integral compatibility between preservation and development, and they involve the first steps in the construction of the future strategies in this sector, in which the environmental requests will have one of the biggest demands of the market. (Fullana & Ayuso, 2002)Tourism is a global problem, which affects the entire world. Tourism has equally important effects on the environment of a country, as it does on the economy. Spain is a country that depends very heavily upon tourism for its economic viability.This research will aim to investigate the various types of tourism (such as seaside tourism, rural tourism, business tourism, adventure tourism, eco-tourism, and agro tourism.) and aim to examine the diverse impact these various types of tourism have on the environment and economy in...

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