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Research Proposal: The Impact Of Eu Migration Policies On African Countries

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The Impact of EU Migration Policies on African Countries
The European Union (EU) has established definitive migration objectives that have
consistently been reinforced through migration policy (Reslow, 2012). Even though the EU
continues to work to improve migration policies, Reslow contends that this is often done without
a clear understanding of how policies impact nations with citizens seeking to migrate.
Deficiencies in knowledge with regard to the impact of migration policies on other nations limit
the ability of officials within the European Union to change, alter, and improve migration
policies (Reslow, 2012). Thus, without efforts to examine the impact of EU migration policies on ...view middle of the document...

With this in mind, the purpose of
the current investigation is to evaluate the impact of EU migration policies on African countries.
Specifically, the research is aimed at understanding how EU migration policies facilitate and
prevent the migration of African citizens as they seek to move to various member states in the
European Union. By examining the full effect of EU migration policies on African states it will
be possible to provide a more integral understanding of how EU migration policy works in
practice and actually impacts those individuals moving from African countries.
The significance of the research lies in the ability of the results to provide a
comprehensive understanding of how policy works in practice. As noted by Castles (2009) much
of the migration policy developed by the EU for African countries appears to be well intentioned.
However, the policies may have significant drawbacks, which impede the ability of policymakers
in the EU to fully comprehend the impact of these policies on individuals seeking migration.
Reslow (2012) further argues that a lack of understanding with regard to how migration policies
actually impact individuals may limit the ability of the EU to achieve its migration policy goals.
Thus, by illuminating how EU migration policies impact African countries, it will be possible to
fill vital gaps in knowledge and potentially create new migration policies that are better suited to
meeting the needs of the EU.
Literature Review
Research provided by Cornelissen (2009) indicates that restrictive migration policies
have given rise to an influx of undocumented migrant populations in certain areas of the world.
These undocumented migrant populations create challenges for social, economic and political
harmony and have implications at both the state and local level (Cornelissen, 2009). Effective
migration policy is aimed at controlling the flow of documented migrants into a specific area or
region (De Haas & Sigona, 2012). However, this outcome can be difficult to achieve if policy is
too restrictive or fluid (E Haas & Sigona, 2012). Hence, for the European Union, there is a clear
impetus to establish migration policy that is effective and efficient for ensuring the stability of
individual member states in meeting the needs of migrants.
The issue of migration policy and its role in directing the influx of African migrants is
one that has recently come to the forefront of attention for EU leaders. De Haas and Sigona
(2012) illustrate this point by noting that the outbreak of civil war in many Northern African and
Middle Eastern countries has brought fears that a tidal wave of African migrants would soon
infiltrate the European Union. Although this influx of migrants has not occurred, De Haas and
Sigona argue that the EU continues to develop and define migration policy to ensure that
member states are not overwhelmed by large numbers of African migrants. Although the policies
developed by the European...

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