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Research Rationale: The Influence Of Weblog On The Reading Motivation Of Undergraduate Students

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The rationale behind the present study was an investigation of the influence of weblog on the reading motivation of undergraduate students. Based on the empirical data, it could be inferred that there was an increase in students' reading motivation. As indicated earlier, this can only be attributed to the use of blog. On the other hand, we found little or no change in motivation within the control group. This situation can best be interpreted when it is understood the implementation of the blog took place within the experimental class only. In terms of overall reading motivation, results suggest a significant influence on the intention of intent to using blog as a useful tool. It was clear the blogging experiment was effective in motivating all students to some degree; reading motivation and reader self-concept has increased to some extent. In contrast, there was only a slight increase in the self-concept area, which could be possibly explained by the limited time available for the experiment and the fact that more students lose their focus as the end of year nears.
As for data analysis, several implications emerged. First, intrinsic motivation increased in general as was appeared in participation and challenge elements where the majority of students looked forward to improving their level of reading. According to the data, students enjoyed reading about interesting topics. They also reported that they tried to visualize mentally the content of the reading material. In addition, the intrinsic motivation may be the most important factor in attitudes toward using IT. The findings of the study confirmed that blogging was likely a contributing factor in encouraging students to participate and share knowledge. This was due to the ease of use and enjoyment of the blog context. Ease of use was a significant motive for students to influence user's preference while difficulties create user's resistance and thus decrease the level of motivation. Overall, there were four factors that affected the extrinsic motivation of the subjects; knowledge, grades, and competition; however, the crucial factor was the social identity.
As mentioned above, those participating in blog also to contribute knowledge and to increase the welfare of others because they enjoy helping each others. Indeed, sharing knowledge in the context of blog could be a reciprocal benefit in this context for students participating in this study. Students who participated in blogs were motivated to exchange information with their teacher and peers.
Our results verified that students in the experimental group were eager to obtain a reputation for reading, as evidenced by the high rate of responses to questions 20 and 21 of the Reading Motivation Scale. Students therefore expressed their willingness to share their...

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