Research Regarding Climate Change And Agriculture Management In Nepal

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3 Research propose
The purpose of research is to explore, how climate change had been changed the management of agriculture in Nepal?

3.2 Objectives
a) To examine the management of agriculture helps to minimize the effects of climate change on agricultural products.
b) To assess the relation between climate change and agricultural productivity.
c) To find out the response of villagers against changes.
d) To explore any adaptation strategies practiced by farmer.

4. Study Area
The research is mainly focused in two Village Development Committee (Khokana and Bungamati) located at southwest of Lalitpur District of Kathmandu Valley, Nepal (tripadvisor, 2014). Farming is the major occupation of the villagers so a sample survey is appropriate method to collect data, which represents the entire Lalitpur District of Kathmandu city, Nepal.


5. Methodologies and Research Design
5.1 Research Approach

The deep reading of literature pointed that inductive research approach is suitable methods to carry out primary research. Saunders et al. (2003, see in Radwan, 2009) express that the inductive approach provides great chance to explore realistic situation of study group. That gives the clear evidence to analysis the qualitative and quantitative data. The qualitative research is mainly related with inductive research designs, where ranges of options are available to collect data and discover the solution in various angles (Radwan, 2009). However, both inductive and deductive are utilized in this research because some of the fact, trends and patterns should need to test accordingly.

5.2 Research Methodology
The selection of method determines the quality of research because the data collection processes is depend on it. Bhatta (2011) mentions that deeply explore the impacts of climate change on agriculture are not possible to analysis through single method. So a mixed method is using for collecting the primary and secondary data, which is capable to gather sufficient information to respond the question. The mixed method is divided into two parts of theoretical concept inductive and deductive. Where quantitative theory is testing and validating the variables deductively and qualitative theory is exploring the patterns and truth inductively (Creswell, 2014). According to Creswell (2014) a mixed method integrates the quantitative and qualitative data, which produces the quality and accurate result to answer the topic question. The using of mixed method framework is growing rapidly in empirical literature because the transformative paradigm theory incorporation with it that appears exceptionally appropriate to the study of local community marginalized and ethnical group.

5.3 Research Design
A survey is conducted in two villages to collect primary data through individual interviews with about 200 respondents and another group interview is carried out between about 5 focus groups (local farmers...

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