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Running Head: Assignment Achievement Attributions. Running Head: Assignment Achievement Attributions.
Do school-aged Australian children show gender differences in their attributions of success and failure?Tanvi42871018Do school-aged Australian children show gender differences in their attributions of success and failure?Attribution theory presents an internal and external explanation of what is happening behind our own and other individuals` behavior. According to Deboerr (1984 citied in Fatemi & Asghari 2012, pg 182) states that the attribution theory is an explanation that people give for their success or failure in achievement settings. Researcher Bernard Weiner played an important role in constructing the attribution theory and focused mainly on achievement. The model proposed by Weiner (1971) classifies the issue of attributing an individuals success or failures to causes such as: ability, effort, task difficulty or luck. Moreover, the perceived cause of success and failure was also categorized into three dimensions: locus (internal vs external), stability (stable vs unstable) and controllability (controllable vs uncontrollable). Weiner (1979, 1985 cited in Leung 1993, pg 1) believes that the way in which students explain their academic performance is crucial. This is because it affects their expectancy of success, affective reactions to achievement outcomes and persistence during future tasks undertaken. Many researchers have established that gender is an significant variable in achievement attribution. Researcher Stipek (1984 cited in Ryckman & Peckham 1987, pg 120) found that there will be gender differences in attributions of success and failure, but will vary with different subject areas. Stipek believed the differences would be greater for tasks in which males are expected to perform better then women. The research suggested that more girls then boys will attribute mathematical failures to external factors and to ability. Furthermore, the aim of the present study is to investigate whether this finding by Stipek is true. Similar gender differences in attribution patterns are evident for science subjects. However few researchers have conducted research and found less gender differences for verbal and language abilities. (Parsons, Adler & Meece 1984 cited in Meece, Glienke & Burg 2006, pg 354). Thus, the second aim of the study is to prove that gender differences of success and failure do exist but that depends on the achievement domain of the school aged children.MethodParticipantsFive (eight, nine, twelve, fifteen) children participated in the study. Participants included (three) girls aged [eight, nine, tweleve] and [two] boys aged [eight and fifteen]. All participating children were personally known to student-researchers enrolled in a second-year educational psychology class at a metropolitan university in Sydney, Australia. Children were asked to provide verbal consent to participate in the study, and...

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