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Research Report On Toyota Motor Corporation: Importance Of Integrated Production System In A Manufacturing Firm To Improve Productivity

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1. Introduction
The main idea of this work is to examine the importance of the integrated production system and its implementation in the manufacturing industry. This can be applied in Toyota Motor Corporation a multinational corporation in automotive manufacturing industry operating all over the world.
In the area of production and operation management system, various researchers and experts (Groover, 2007; Metaxiotis, et al., 2001; Lejtman, et al. 2002) have researched the notion of integrated production system over a long period of time, thus it has achieved an extensive attention all over the world, especially in the manufacturing industry. For instance, Groover explained the integrated production system as the combination of both vertical and horizontal manufacturing and production techniques to improve the production process and capabilities of the firm (Groover, 2007).
Additionally, Metaxiotis, et al., 2001 and Lejtman, et al. 2002 have presented a detail analysis of production system and its importance in the manufacturing firms to improve the productivity of the company and create a competitive advantage. It has been accepted by all the manufacturing organizations that the concept of integrated production system ensures long term success of the firm and the detail knowledge about the vertical and horizontal integration of production facilities has become a prime source to create competitive advantage over the competitors.
According to the point of view of various authors (Chary, 2006; Jin Vonderembse and Ragu-Nathan, 2001) concentration of the technological resources and flexibility to execute integrated production system would require greater financial cost and experts in the field of operations and production for its successful implementation.
This research paper mainly concentrates on the importance of integrated production system to enhance the productivity of the manufacturing firms. Apart from this it would also discuss many key academic theories and research reports and how these have contributed to the efficiency and effectiveness of the production system of Toyota.
Furthermore, the author will also explain traditional views and concepts that are given by a wide range of practitioners regarding importance of integrated production system in manufacturing industry to improve quality and productivity. Several complementary ideas will also be considered in this research report to emphasize the key issues and pros and cons of the approach of integrated production system used by Toyota.
This research of the integrated production system will be beneficial for Toyota to maintain the quality and control the cost of the products. This research study will also worth for the company because it will provide a guideline to the company to utilize the factors of production effectively. The research work will be accomplished out in Toyota Motor Corporation, situated in Japan and operated worldwide.
1.1 About Toyota Motor Corporation

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