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There have been at least 12 cases of intentional misuse by members of the NSA since 2003. Before trial the accused either resigned or retired to escape disciplinary action. This means that they did spy on people because if they did not they would go to the trial and be found innocent. However they could have all been paid to retire by the government to hide a more sinister threat such as terrorist demands or even aliens!
Not only have the NSA been caught spying on American citizens but they have been caught spying on European leaders, most notably the German Chancellor. The German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, is believed to be the most powerful European leader by US officials. They were caught spying on her phone calls when she visited Barack Obama in the USA. It is impossible to stop this because “the NSA can plant bugs on hard drives and other machines ”. US Secretary of State John Kerry has said that in some cases, US spying has gone too far. However that did not stop him from saying the extra ‘security’ was needed to thwart terrorist attacks.
“In an interview with Edward Snowden it was said that Obama was defending the unjustifiable and he knew it ”. This backs up the fact that “governments seek nothing less than total social control” . Snowden also said that the “NSA hack everyone everywhere ”.
“The NSA has more satellites on American citizens than they do on Russians ”. This means the Russians are more likely to get away with things such as terrorism in America than Americans! The NSA also routinely lies about the scope of surveillance in America and when asked about it they said they didn’t have the tools to answer when in fact they did. The NSA have maps showing areas where they are looking at the most and if some NSA members have spied on people for a while most can tell you the names of their targets families!
The NSA’s spying is supposed to be done for foreign intelligence purposes only but that, apparently, may include everything from data about terrorism and drug smuggling to foreign diplomats and economic talks. However in some cases this has been needed because terrorists may be careless and put things on social media which the NSA can then find. For example someone who doesn’t like Obama could put something on Twitter such as #killObama or something ridiculous similar to that and then attempt to kill him knowing about it could stop Obama from being assassinated and put the would-be-assassin in jail. The NSA spying on everybody could also help other agencies such as GCHQ by communicating between agencies a terrorist flying from America to England can be stopped before taking hundreds of lives.
“For almost three years the National Security Agency...

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