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Stress causes many college students trouble as they go through college and many people are still affected years after their academic career is over. Stress, according to Merriam Webster, is, “A state of mental tension and worry caused by problems in your life”. This can sometimes overwhelm a person while they are in college. College student’s responsibilities are always increasing whether it is academics, social life, sports, work, or family. This build up of stress causes serious health problems, which could potentially end a person’s life. Research has proven that there is a gender relation to how much perceived stress a student has, as well as helped realize more symptoms of stress. ...view middle of the document...

They also found that, “significant associations were found between ethnicity and parents education to both perceived stress and handles”(Nguyen et al 2006). The lower the students parents education is, the more perceived stress the student was under, most likely due to the financial burdens that college is associated with. They also found, “Perceived stress and hassles scores were significantly lower among Community College students.” (Nguyen et al 2006), mainly because of the different amounts of course load the students have to perform and information they are expected to know. All of this information was obtained by conducting a survey at three universities then using a beta analysis.
In 2007 Greer and Chwalisz really helped people to realize that being a minority at a university can cause stress. They surveyed African Americans at a predominantly white college, and African Americans at a predominantly black college. Their research showed that the “African Americans students on the predominantly white college campus experienced higher levels of minority status stressors”(Greer & Chwalisz 2007). Greer believes this is because some come from lower education family’s, and they feel more pressure to do well academically since there are fewer African Americans on campus. Where there are more African Americans on campus they feel more accepted into the community and experience less status stressors. This is just a brief history of some of the research done to help promote understanding of stress on college students and ways to cope.
Current Research:
Gender Relation
Most of today’s research is trying to figure out what exactly causes the stress and how to fix it. Many researchers are looking at gender relations to be correlated with stress. Dixon and Kurpius (2008) did a study to find a difference between male and female stress levels. Findings showed that “females reported significantly more college stress then did men” (Dixon & Kurpis 2008). Dixon also reported that depression was greater in females then males and that “mattering and self-esteem were positively related” (Dixon & Kurpius 2008). Females who had high stress levels tended to feel that they mattered less and had lower self-esteem. This low self-esteem leads to depression. Pedersen (2012) looked at stress carry-over and the outcomes of college student’s health. They looked for spillover in the individuals they surveyed. According to Pedersen, spillover is when obligations from one domain of life took over another domain of life and caused stress. Results showed that “men and women report higher school then family spillover and women report higher average spillover from school”(Pederson 2012). Men tended to lose more sleep over family issues, while women tended to lose more sleep over school issues. As spillover increased, the mental health of the individual tended to decrease. This is because of the higher stress level that is applied on the student when the coarse load gets too...

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